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Discrimination against Filipino-Americans and Expats in the RP

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We live in an illogical upside down world.

At the same time that Veterans, loyal Americans, and I include Filipino-Americans of which I am one, are being ignored and treated with suspicion as potential fraudsters, the US government is welcoming Illegal Immigrants and providing all kinds of benefits for free to those who broke US law by illegally entering the country.

Free Food
Free housing
Free education
Free transportation.

And the IRS ADMITS refunding billions on fake tax returns, including sending checks to address outside the US.

Iíll stop right there, I could provide hundreds of document that are even more outrageous than this, but you get the point.

Steve & Myrlita:
At least Obumer lost his bid for it in Federal Court. Whether that will stop him or whether he ignores it and goes ahead anyways is yet to be seen.


--- Quote from: Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am on May 29, 2015, 12:47:47 PM ---Yeah Bud,
That's life in a developing country like the Philippines, which is slowly creeping up in making life more manageable. Too bad though not being able to use our VA home loan here in the Philippines. Just think what a grand of a house we could have built here and with the low interest rate. As you mentioned, that's life, but all in all we really do not have much to complain about anymore, since our home is finally mortgage free with a free and clear title to our home and lot. We're now on easy street and life is comfortable and stable to live and continue to enjoy our retirement lifestyle for the long haul here in the Philippines.

--- End quote ---

Wasn't interested in a loan in order to buy a grand house.  Was looking to small amount with a very low interest rate on the combination of it being very low because it was VA guaranteed and very low because I only wanted it for five years.  As far as the grand house business, number one, that is not me and number two, when I am maybe ready to get out of the area I want to be able to sell it.  I have only a modest and comfortable house in a safe, quiet and clean neighborhood just like you Art.  That is all I need.


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