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Are we treated like second class citizens when we visit a bank?

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Manila Cockney:
Theres a strange mentality here that many local banks do not seem to treat its customers as customers. Customer service is just not understood and you should be thankful they are holding your money safely. I do not find the same when using HSBC or Citibank which both from my experience when dealing with them have good customer service.

John Amend-All:
I had an odd experience with Landbank when we first came out here. We had plenty of cash because we were building the house and parked some of it temporarily in Landbank. When time came to withdraw it the lady looking after us was mortified and almost begged us to keep it there for a little longer. Turns out her Christmas bonus depended upon how much was in her customers accounts.

Our normal business is with PNB, who I find to be courteous and helpful and we never have to wait in a queue there. They even found a buyer for our vehicle when we needed to sell it.



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