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could this be true?

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Having coffee with a friend at the mall while Lar was shopping led to an interesting discussion concerning the exchange rate; First of all my friend Eli is no dummy, but i found it very hard to keep a straight face at what he told me (he was not joking)... He said that by mid february the exchange rate between the dollar and peso would be in the neighborhood of 45-47 peso to one usd... i always try to avoid disagreeing with anyone but rather respect what is being discussed unless my opinion is asked for to which in most cases i just say," we all have our opinions"...... However i will watch fervently to see if he knew what he was saying.............. lol.

I doubt it, last night on the news they were speculating that the exchange rate would reach 37-1 USD and how it would effect exports and OFW remittances.

Expect this rate around November of this year was the forecast

Tom/ Roxas City

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
No one has a crystal ball that clear! So, it might not be true! ??? ::) :o

Gray Wolf:
I wish it was that high!  But I don't see it going up much, if it all.  The dollar has to get stronger to have any real effect.  And I don't see that happening any day soon.   :(

I hope I'm wrong and that it recovers quickly, just before Christmas 2013!   ;)

I wish too just last 2010 in may it was 46plus


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