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OMG! Could this be True? Not even close to the P37.50 prediction!

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Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
Today's exchange rate is P42.86 to the dollar!

And it only seems to get better:

as of tonight it is 42.89 keep moving up  :D.....Dave

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:

--- Quote from: intocebu on June 11, 2013, 07:19:48 AM ---as of tonight it is 42.89 keep moving up  :D.....Dave

--- End quote ---
Just exchanged $2,000 at P42.86 on-line this morning. I'm happy! :)
Good to go for another month or two!
It's OK even though it's now at P43.2388 this afternoon now that the banks are closed! If it's still climbing tomorrow, I'll exchange some more dollars again! Ops, tomorrow is a holiday, the banks and Forex exchange will be closed! The peso rate is now at P43.09.
My crystal ball didn't tell me ahead of time before 3:30 when my bank Forex on-line closed!???
Fortunately our RP home HOA dues, property tax and U.S. IRS owed to Federal is all paid up for 2013! :o ;) 

Yes i t looks like it is going higher they should have predicted 53.70 to the dollar they over estimated the economy which is going south the last couple months The problem with the weal piso is they import everything here in dollars so they increase the cost of goods 3 times over to compensate for a falling piso its okay if you have dollars but the increased buying power from the dollar will hardly keep up with the price increases   cost of diesel went up twice this week already / should be interesting / Tom / Roxas City

Exports down by 12.8%
By Jovan Cerda ( | Updated June 11, 2013 - 1:04pm
MANILA, Philippines - Merchandise exports plunged by 12.8 percent in April as six major commodities posted negative growth, the National Statistics Office (NSO) reported on Tuesday.

Chemicals, other manufactures, machinery and transport equipment, electronic equipment and parts, metal components and electronic products contributed to the overall decline from $4.328 billion in April 2012 to $4.041 billion in April 2013, NSO said.

Month-on-month, exports decreased by 6.7 percent from the $4.329 billion in March. Exports for the first four months of the year also dipped by 8 percent from $17.514 billion in 2012 to $16.122 billion this year.

Electronic products, the country's top export, went down by 0.4 percent from the $1.635 billion posted in April 2012.

Meanwhile, outward shipments of manufactured goods which account for 83.8 percent of total export receipts stood at $3.386 billion, a drop of 14.4 percent from $3.957 billion registered in April 2012.

Japan remained as the country's top export destination, making up a 23.3-percent share in the total export receipts. This was followed by the United States (15.1 percent), China (11.3), Singapore (7.5) and South Korea (7 percent).


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