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How to spot fake money? Here's a quick trick



--- Quote --- There is nifty trick to quickly detect counterfeit bills without using any machine.

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) has employed cutting-edge design in new Philippine bills to protect consumers from counterfeit, but BSP deputy director for cash Maja Malic said there is a quick way to spot fake money.

Using your fingernails, you can detect fake bills by running over the hair strands of the portraits.

Malic said in the hair lies a distinct difference in texture between genuine and counterfeit bills.

If it is genuine, you can feel a certain roughness, whereas in the counterfeit, its smooth, she said on ANCs On The Money.

Aside from this feature, bills have other security measures to distinguish real from fake.

One is the optically variable device, a reflective foil that bears the image of the blue-naped parrot and a small BSP logo.

To check if the money is real, the color of the parrot should changes from red to green when the note is rotated at a 90 degree angle.

Bills also have a security thread, a stitch-like metallic thread running vertically across the note.

It should change color from red to green when put up against light.

The front of the thread bears an alphanumeric code bearing the acronym BSP and the monetary value of the bill in clear text while the back is imprinted with BSP, both in repeated series.

The BSP urges the public to report to their office immediately if they come across fake bills.

--- End quote ---

Luckily I have no fake bills to test it with but I have tried it on all new bills and the hair does feel different on the new bills I have but on worn new bills I find it hard to tell. I guess counterfeit bills will probably not be heavily circulated so probably easier to do the test on.


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