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Any members living in Garden Villas Estate, Sta Rosa, Laguna?

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Just wondering if any forum members live in this estate, we put a reservation on a duplex residence there during the week.

Looks nice and peaceful there, sick and tired of the polluted noisy city living here in Malate after 2 yrs.


Check with Art, I think he lives in the area, not sure of that subdivision.

Hope all goes well for you Brett. We have relatives in Laguna, though not sure where in relation to your location.

I hope  your purchase progresses well, certainly the hustle and bustle and pollution of the cities does become unbearable after a time.


Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
Laguna is a huge province! We live in the opposite direction from where Garden Villas Estates is located which is on the other side of SLEX going towards Tagaytay.
Good luck with your new condo in Garden Villas!

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It has been 13 yrs since we bought our home in Sta Rosa, Laguna near Techno Park and we're happy we bought here in our particular location! It's all about location, location, location!

Thanks Paul, Art and Medic.

Was down there again yesterday poking around, looks nice and quiet, construction is reasonable, nothing flash, poured onsite slab floors and walls so not all the typical hollow blocks.  Will have to do some extensions to make it more inhabitable, larger and functional, a small area for a benchtop gas stove just won't do at all.  Oh and put a bar/balcony area as well on the first floor so I can watch the daily comings and goings of the others.

I ceratinaly will not be joining in with the joggers and cyclers of a morning, not into self torture.


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