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Trying to send money to Olongapo but...

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I wonder if a women's shelter is free, or does a homeless mom have to pay for THAT too?

The whole country should go on strike, NO ONE WORKS until the wages are raised to a normal work wage. All the money making, beautiful resorts. 
What is the President doing over there keeping every one dirt poor? I'm disgusted

Guess you have not realized the Philippines is 3rd class country.  Comparing what happens in Western countries to here is like compring apples and oranges.


Sorry to read about your situation and the opinion that you are developing about this country.  Filipino families are, by and large, loving and caring, but of course there are exceptions, and without knowing all the details it's impossible to understand the situation in your ladies case.
As others have said opening a bank account is not so difficult and actually not so different to UK.  She will need the minimum deposit, proof of identity, utility bills etc and yes proof of income.
Try not to be so harsh on a country you have not even visited, i hope you will do make a visit some day and see it for yourself.

So she lives in a house...but has no address?  I sorta get it, but then I don't.  If her house is in a compound, then that compound address is her's.  When Tina and I built our home behind her parents home, we took on their address, but added an A and B after the number.  The mail is still delivered and no agency has had an issue with the A or B we put after the address number.  If she lives in a house, she should go to the post office and ask what her address number is. 
I get that maybe some squatters might not have address numbers.  But I just asked Tina's cousin if she has an address to her home and she recited it to me immediately without a second thought.  She lives in a squatter neighborhood behind the main houses across the street from our compound. 
There HAS to be a way she can get an ID.  That and a deposit should be all she needs to get an account. 
Oh, and this is the Philippines.  Not the USA or Canada or any first world EU country.  The Philippines.  Good look on a shelter being anywhere and everywhere.  I don't think there is one in all of Northern Samar.  I live in the capitol and know we have one(the largest) of 3 homeless shelters in the whole province and it hold only up to 50 and all three are run by the church(catholic).  The government has a single homeless shelter here.  There are 4 municipalities over 100,000 residents in them in this province.  In Michigan cities with only 10-15,000 have them.  In the capital of the province, here in Catarman, we do have 1 women's shelter that is paid for by the provincial government.  If I remember correctly, your girl is from the Bataan area.  There might have been a battered woman's shelter in Mariveles or Balanga, but I do not remember ever hearing of them.  Ours is recent.  Built since I was here as they rebuild the Provincial Social Welfare and Development Office after a complete tear down of the old one and added an attached building behind it for a place for battered/abused women and their children.  When I was in Bataan was 10 years ago now.  I do not remember them having any at that time.  I was in Orion.


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