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--- Quote from: uzicom on February 11, 2008, 02:34:31 PM ---Phil,

I am receiving enough reports from expats living across the Philippines, that there does seem to be a blanket decision, by the banks, to limit the max withdrawal rate to P5k per time. I will be needing to withdraw over this amount tomorrow so will add my experience then.

--- End quote ---

As promised yesterday, I went today to drawer P10,000 from my local ATM. My UK Visa Debit card has always worked in any banks ATM that displays the BANCNET logo & always has dispensed P10,000 per transaction up to my daily limit.

So today I went to my main choice ATM at BPI. No deal. Told me i was over transaction limit. Next went to PBbank which is a part of METROBANK. Bingo P10,000 dispensed.

Answer therefore seems to be that there is a general change by some banks to a P5k limit but not all, so find the ones that still allow P10k. They do exist.

Thanks Keith, yes it does appear that quite a few banks have limited ATM withdrawals to P5000, but my fiancee did find one ATM that allowed more on Monday, without searching for any upper limit (which showed up on my statement as \"VISA-BANCNET/BANCNET BANK 010 PHILIPPINES PHFRGN\").† Hopefully the bank you found that allowed the P10000 withdrawal is not just that way because it\'s a bit slow catching up with the others and in the weeks to come you find otherwise.


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