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--- Quote from: Peter on June 03, 2019, 09:13:12 AM ---Steve.

Apologies for responding to a GF post from Robbie on this thread, but I feel his earlier statement <......and all for US$4,000.00 per month...> should be corrected.

First time, inexperienced maids would dream of getting such a salary.
Around SR 2,500, OMR 250 - 300 is the norm. So US$ 450 - 600 is about the going rate in the Middle East at present for first timers, no matter how the recruiters (who are only after their commissions) spin it.

To bring some context. A Captain in the Royal Army of Oman would be on a monthly salary of around the equivalent of US$ 4,000 to 4,500, depending on service increments. And most RAO Officers who worked for me had at least one maid, with some having a nanny for their children, as well. As had most married Senior NCOs

Peter (Retired Contract Officer - RAO)

--- End quote ---
Ooops, $4k is an error, for sure. Probably what i was thinking is that Filipina maids are sold for $US4,000.00 when 
they get a contract. See the youtube video link below to the documentary about maids.
I meant to say she would be paid US$400.00 LOL.

Man, i was so upset with her, i added a zero by mistake. She keeps talking about being a maid when she could easily be a model and earn who knows how much MORE money smiling at a camera and STAYING SAFE and have a glamorous life, wearing fine clothes.
Guys, no lying, 60% of her FB photos look like professional modeling photos. Even without any makeup she looks quite nice. She is a picture of beauty - a bonafide BABE. She sent me a recent video of herself in the CR, smiling at me in the mirror and blowing me kisses and flashing that glamor smile. She could easily be an international model. She's tall, leggy and HOT...arghhh!...anyway.

I'd love to post and share photos of her face but i won't because i don't want to expose her in case someone's wife or family member knows her and the shyte hits the fan because her family would be down her throat for dealing with a foreigner as her family doesn't approve of Pinays with foreigners.
Maybe if i had to cash to win them all over they wouldn't mind - but what would that make me - nothing but an ATM - maybe if i was a rich man - a lottery winner.     

I told her to go run to the effing coveted maid agency and let them take care of her papers IF that's what she wants in life.

I told her she will not be a maid. I won't allow it.
I told her i would support her all the way in modeling and pay for whatever course she had to take like learn to walk like a model etc, but nope, her mind is dead-set on scrubbing floors on her hands and knees, being verbally humiliated, beaten, deprived of food, raped  and maybe even murdered - and she is so pretty, tall, slim, curvy that i have no doubt the employer or the employer's son will be demanding sex.
I've seen too many videos of raped Pinays and other maids in documentaries to agree with her stupid choice.

Maybe not all the maids get raped but all the ones i saw in videos who were raped, all looked very attractive. Even some raped-maid victims are NOT attractive and they STILL get "IT".

I fell in love with her beautiful mind first, but she wants to risk having that beautiful mind screwed up by being raped and for US$400.00 per month. And then she'll carry that mental scar to our bed (if it gets that far) and i won't be able to touch her without re-opening that mental scar? NO THANKS.
If i stay with her, after she gets raped - AND SHE WILL be raped - then, it would be a physical attraction as what i love most about her will be CHANGED.

I would not even send my DOG to an abusive trainer because i don't want a dog that flinches whenever i raise my hand to scratch my head, or when i call it and it comes to me slowly with its head lowered, ears back, tail between its legs, and pissing.
And she knows how i feel about that maid job because we've discussed it. And, she agreed with me and said she'll never do it. And then a sudden change of mind and she wants to risk it again. Yea, well, not me.
I have the wisdom, knowledge and experience with which to guide her - not the other way around.

I just cut her loose, today. It was a very tough decision. I AM NOT HAPPY!  I just blocked her on facebook. And if she contacts me with another page, i'll block that page, too. Our age difference is way too big, anyway - 37 years - who am i kidding?

And she was getting like, "ARE you gonna help me or NOT?", demanding money for lawyers' fees when she has no idea how much it will cost because she only contacted one lawyer even after i asked her to contact ALL of them to get the lowest quote.
I sent her all the numbers of lawyers she requested (in Olongapo), and when i sent her the messages from here in the forum on HOW to use her mobile phone to contact landlines, she says, "I gotta pay for all those calls".
News flash!
I'm the one paying, not her.
I wonder why she even asked for the numbers if she wasn't planning on calling any. I guess she assumed i wouldn't able to find any, yea, well she assumed wrong. I AM a frikken "search engine".   

I don't expect to be back in the forum, here, unless she finds a way to contact me to tell me that she went into modeling, and new issues arise where i will need your help, again, gentlemen.

She has my home address if she wants to write that letter she mentioned writing to me.
I even told her, "As a model, you might even find a younger guy as beautiful looking as you are with whom you could have more in common than you think you do with an old blues/rock nobody guitarist/songwriter".

She said she loves me. Me!!
I love her...but as SHE IS now. 
See the attached photo. I don't want to deal with that SHYTE. 


I really thank you all for your help, advice and even the warnings.

THANKS to you, Steve, for putting up with my long posts and off-topic comments - but - i DID only go off topic in MY own threads, right?( Wait a minute, i don't think i responded to any threads.)
Thanks for letting me express myself, Steve. I really needed to do that. I think it was very therapeutic not being held back. You are a gentleman.

I gotta go dry my eyes, now, because i feel like absolute SHYTE!!
I wonder how she feels, right now - pretty alone, i guess. FRICK! I feel like such an arsehole.

I can't care. Frick it! Move on. She blew it. That's it that's all!

I didn't want anyone in the first place, I'd GIVEN UP on love, long ago. See?...i married my porn videos, i am a happy camper. They don't argue, they don't demand, they don't wanna be maids, AND they NEVER need or want  money for a lawyer.
Heck, i can EVEN watch MAIDS! Woo hoo! I'll resign myself to that and hope she smartens up and contacts me with some good news about modeling.

Over and OUT.
(smudge, smudge)


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