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Hello Everyone,

Just recently, I heard a news about a German national nabbed for travelling with a 14 year old girl in Hagnaya Wharf. The Foreigner said he doesn't know the law that it is illegal for a person to be in the company of a minor, who is 12 years or younger or a minor at least 10 years younger than that person in a public or private place unless they are related by blood, affinity or some bond recognized by law, custom or tradition or performing acts in as part of a social, moral or legal obligation.

I don't believe he doesn't know the Philippine laws before going here....What do you think???


I read the news and I do not know if he knew the law or did not know the law, so I will not speculate on that. It is legal to be with a 14 year old in Germany  :o according to wiki but anyone traveling to a foreign country for the purpose of being with an underage girl should be sure to know the laws in that country and as far as I am concerned, a woman is a woman and a child is a child, so anyone under 18 should not be dated, period.

I do not know what that guys intentions were, if they were to help the family without ending up with the daughter or not, but foreigners in the Philippines should be sure to never be alone with anyone under 18 who is not related.

I know I never knew the law till seeing it on forums but the only young girls I'm around are considered family.  Considered my bodyguards when I walk to the store.

Sort of funny story, I once saw a westerner, Canadian or American by the way he spoke, walking in SM Mall in Cebu City about 2 years ago with a very pretty, sexy young girl maybe 13 or so, anyway he had a shirt on saying "She is my Daughter" and the girl had a shirt on saying "He is my Dad" I guess he was making sure no one turned him in.  ;)

As for walking with niece body guards, I had done that all the time in past years in the village where my wife's family is from, and everyone there knows me, I do not think in this day and age that I would do it now unless my wife was with me, instead I send nieces and nephews alone to get things, my thoughts are why let someone get stupid thoughts in their head that I am a pedo, there has been enough real pedos to mess up our reputation as it is.

I hear locals talking about us all the time when my wife and I are with some female friends, when we are out and about yet all are way over 18, and I make sure they walk and sit next to my wife and not me for their sake and reputation, after some of the things my wife and I have heard locals say about us thinking the girls must be whores or sex partners of ours, those comments would never happen in the US if given the same situation, IMHO gossip sucks and especially when it is for stupid reasons.

Here where I live (in my brangy) I dont worry about it. I'm well known, my kids are well known..that includes Malines sister, and brothers...but I would never take her sister to the mall with out somebody with me...never underestimate the crab mentality here...there are those that would report you just because they could..As I have said many times, here in my neighbor hood, Im nice to folks and they are nice to me..they know the family (8of us) my kids go to functions here etc...but if I go to another place, I am always aware of what could happen...always..
The other thing I do not do even here, is invite young kids into my house...this causes my wife some problems sometimes but when we have talked about it I have told her its better to not put yourself in the position of defending your actions....the only time younger kids other than my own are in the house is for things like birthday parties, and then the parents are invited also....


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