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Another baby ???.... yes please !!!!

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Been busy today just spreading the good news to all our friends ( which includes you guys ), that my beautifull wife Margie has fallen pregnant again !! She\'s been wanting another baby now that \"Jewel\" is more managable, turning 2 year old in September past.
Must admit, there\'s a glass full of Vodka sitting next to the computer, just to toast our good news from the doctor earlier today.
Gotta get searching on Ebay to find another bigger car for us all !!

Margie and Jewel at the community park in Ginatilan


Gray Wolf:
Congratulations to you and Margie!  Jewel needs a young brother or sister so she can be a proper \"ate\".  Blessings to your family!

Gratz !

~~~ WOO HOO ~~~


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