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Time has arrived at last!!


Hi to all here on the forum,
                                  I don\'t post here often...but i read and learn from all the information here ( good and bad )
I\'m posting here that I am happy to let you know that I\'m moving to Tacloban Leyte... this December 15th...from Perth Australia.
                                  Its been most helpful that any questions and thoughts about life in the Philippines can be found on this forum...I look forward to being more active here when I can be of help with anything I  learn from my own experiences.

                                 I look forward to getting to know you through the forum as time goes by..Thanks again everyone.

  PS: keep up the good work guys....

Gray Wolf:
Glad we could be of assistance!  If you need anything before you leave, let us know.  As soon as you get settled in, give us a shout from Leyte and tell us about your move, how things worked out and any funny stories you feel like sharing.  We look forward to hearing more from you!

BC Boy:
Yes this forum is a great resource....may i chime in too express my appreciation as well. Thank you.


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