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Stephen, I would guess by your comments that you have not seen these places. You canít walk past them trying to decide what to eat as you would in a food court. This Grill is off the main road where it canít easily be seen and then you would have to turn at Ka Inato a popular and inexpensive Philippine restaurant. The other place is Angelas Farm which is a few minutes drive further down the road and has a lot more to offer than just a reasonable restaurant. Judging by the photograph and the location, it is not a place I would consider driving to to have a meal, and there is no other reason to visit that area. If it was near the beach or perhaps a shopping area then maybe I would agree with you. I also think your figures are very marginal particularly as you seem to be relying of cheap family labour.

If the place was at all profitable I wonder why the owner feels the need to rent it out. My guess is that the owner did not think it through thoroughly and also built it before Angelas farm added the second pool and upgraded everything.

Palawan Aussie:
Haha .. well Colin, I'm not going to argue with you.

We've been to that particular Ka Inato a half dozen times, and ordered take-away from there another few times. To us, it's a fairly quiet, reserved, and even boring place and it was certainly less than half full each time we were there. With a long driveway it's well off the main road, the customer serving portions were small, the service indifferent and their prices were more than one might expect for the overall dining experience they offer. Their food was good, sure, but not great, and overall to us it's just another place to eat. We find at least another six restaurants offer more.

Good successful and vibrant businesses require a great concept, vision and an entrepurenal spirit.

Also an owner that makes success happen, no matter what. If one does not posses such spirit, do not try going it alone. One can work for someone else all our lives, so make them money instead :)

Cheers  :)

I want to take a look at that place. Colin is right if the place is off the highway.
You are right too it take a special animal to bring a dying business back to life.
I will look just to see what that thing is. Maybe just get it and rent it out as residential
if the square footage and  floor plan can be redone.
I want to see you guys one of these days. I live in Puerto just behind the 
Adventist hospital I am renting there. Text me at 917-576-9234.
I am not selling you anything.
Best regards,
Rudy Lazo

you mentioned you are familiar starting a FM radio station.
A Chinese now living in Thailand told me you can start an FM
station for little money and play pre recorded music or messages
there and don't have to be there operate it. Can you guide me
to do this to broadcastself help farming and lively hood guide
to people with broadcast area. Can you guide me on equipment
cost and where to get them.
I was thinking of soft music and livelyhood broadcasting with no
operator involved to reduce the cost. Is it possible?
I have no idea how and what but interested on how it is done.

Hi Guys, just to share if ever your looking for a restaurant that within metro manila, I've discovered DADS World Buffet but some you might have already been to the place. But its actually one of the best Eat-All-You-Can Buffet Restaurants in Metro Manila. One of the things that I love this place is because they serve Chinese, Malaysian, Thai, Indonesian, Japanese, Filipino, Spanish, Italian, Greek, American, Mexican, and Brazilian cuisines.


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