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Death, would we even be missed?

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I am sure most of us have lost friends and family during our lives, yet I wonder, have most of you made plans for someone to contact your family or friends if the worst should happen? In my case there is my wife and myself although I have nieces and a nephew not that they would even care if I was gone but I do have some close friends that might, so if something were to happen to both of us at the same time, ie and transportation accident etc, who would even know we were gone, or maybe better to ask, how long before anyone knew we were gone.

I have seen and spoke to quite a few expats who seem to want nothing to do with other expats, one such fellow broke my heart but more power to them if that is the way they feel, but should something happen to them and their better half at the same time, would someone know how to contact family and friends?

Forums are a great way to keep in touch and as some may have noticed, when some people disappear, some others ask what has happened to them. I know that I have emailed friends when I was concerned because I did not see them posting or have not had an email from them in a while, but have you planned for something by giving someone you trust contact info? Well if not then maybe you should think about doing it.

Maybe we need a check in section for the forum so members who read daily but never or rarely post, might wish to just click post with a simple comment such as present or whatever comment they might wish to make?  :-\

I think this is a great idea.  Our son lives in California and my siibllings live in California as well. When we travel, we carry our relatives' information (phone number/address) in a small piece of paper - those that we want contacted, just in case. It is good to have a contact person near where you live who will be willing to call relatives of another expat, in case.

Some forum members, like you, are the caring ones. It would be nice to befriend expats like you. I'm sure there are many expats out there who won't mind. :) I know I won't but I'm not an expat - yet. ;)

That certainly makes sense Lee. When I'm staying in the Philippines I keep regular contact with my family in Australia. However should something happen to me and my wife simultaneously then her family would have no idea how to contact my family overseas. I can imagine the confusion and uncertainty.
Maybe a project for someone with spare time to organize? It wouldn't be for everybody, maybe not even me, but worth consideration.

I often wondered that. My solution at the moment is I have the information for my GF that if I die she will open this with details of my banks, tell no one but bury me quietly  - and then continue to use my cards and receive my pension for a few years!

That is a good point Lee. I had always thought if anything were to happen to whilst in the Philippines my wife would be able to contact my sons in the UK. But if she were to also die simultaneously (not too unlikely knowing the roads locally!) that would cause complications.

I think that during our next visit I will give my wifes family my sons email details, so they can let thm now if the worst were to happen.


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