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Bringing youngsters with you...


Hi all,

I\'m 52, widower, living in the UK. Very disillusioned with life here...increasing violence, locally as well as nationally, drug dealers etc. Very little in way of future prospects for my kids, and education and local government situation here is getting even more of a joke....

I and my 2 kids visited Cagayan de Oro in early 2006 for a few short weeks. I have been viewing this site since then and want your thoughts...I am now considering selling up and moving to the PI some time after my 16 y.o. daughter finishes her senior school exams here (GCSEs), in about a year...my 18 y.o. son wants to stay in the UK, presently has work and is old enough to do that.

I would aim to live simply off my housesale money, eventually qualify for a pension...hope to meet someone special and marry again in time, in PI.

However, one main worry is wondering what prospects would face my daughter in the PI in the long term? She is too young to be qualified at anything presently. and has no real work experience - though willing enough to work generally. I\'d guess she\'d have to go to college in PI and study - but she would presumably not be able to get work easily after that?

Have any of you brought children/young people over with you? How has it turned out for them/you all?
I\'d be grateful to know - both good and bad experiences.


Tony in Cheltenham, UK

 I totaly agree with Colin, I have thought over and over again about bringing kids to Cebu to live. My son, (9 years old ) stays and lives at present with him mum, but wants to move in with me and my Filipino wife here in scotland. Its not happened yet, but my plans to move and live over in Cebu would be scuppered if he did. He has spent a 3 week holiday over there last year and can\'t wait to go back, but it would be so much differant story actually living fulll-time there. My wife and I also have a 1 year old daughter together and I have thought so many times about taking her there once my son reaches the age where he will want to spend more time with friends / girls at weekends rather than with me. This would be in about 5 years or so.
Another similarity to Colin is that I too have thought long and hard about selling / renting my house and buying out there, but nothing is quite as simple as you think. House prices plummeting, interest rates rocketing, food / fuel prices going crazy,...all these things make for a dream of living stress- free over there, but as Colin rightly says,..the grass is greener etc....
I visit 2-3 times a year lately and enjoy every second of meeting the locals and living as one of them, but I sometimes think that maybe thats where the reality ends ? My opinion is that you need to be 100% sure your doing the right thing, at the moment I\'m running in around the 70% mark (rising monthly !! )
Just as a final note, I always meet up with an American guy when I visit, we sit in the marketplace, drink, and put the world to rights, he\'s lived there for 6 years and has his 7 year old daughter living with him and his Filipino wife, she goes to the local school ( run by nuns ) and has, as far as I can see , a very good up-bringing and fits in fine with the local kids.

Welcome to the group bud,

John,..  UK



       Welcome to the forum!

        I do not have any children (trying though! ) but between you daughter having to leave her friends and other family members and having to learn a new culture at her age, could be pretty tough, unless she is the type of person who likes to meet new people groups and is a bit adventurous. IMHO




Yes Welcome to the bunch, one thing to consider is that high schools here only go four years not 6 years then they pack them off to college, which is why there are so many young graduates. So your daughter would likely not finish high school here but rather be already finished if she cam here and would be straight of to college or University as soon as she arrived. There is no Junior High to speak of just High School.


(Sorry for the delay in replying)

Thanks for all your comments, gang. Noted...Not exactly what I hoped to hear, but I do understand exactly what you\'re saying.

My daughter is indeed delighted at the idea of moving to the Philippines, and made a few friends among the ex-pat community we met in CDO...but has absolutely No Idea of what she would want to do long term; sitting on a beach all day would eventually drive her mad anyway.

I suspect it comes down to me planning to survive here at least long enough for both kids to become independent.  Ah well. Watch this space...

If I win the Lottery I\'ll be straight over...(though actually buying a ticket might help, one day).

Meanwhile, I\'ll keep viewing eagerly, and planning...



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