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I\'m living in Davao now.....and just wondered what places in Davao have the best exchange rates??

Don\'t know if its been done before...but maybe members in different cities can also list best rates in their cities.

Great to have current link to best rates in philippine cities.

Thanks in advance... :)

I would like to know as well.
I\'ll land in Manila this Weds and then go up to Mount Sea resort in Cavite.

I was wondering if I should change all my pera at the Airport or wait till I get to Cavite.

Sorry to \"piggy back\" on your post.

Thanks in advance!
There is a good one in Mall† of Asia not far from National book store.
It\'s not a good idea to bring a lot of cash with you but it is up to you
how comfortable you are with your companion or your transportation.
I feel ok bringing and changing up to $10,000 or peso equivalent.
It\'s safe most of the time but you don\'t want accident to happen to you.


The only worse place to exchange your money than the the airports.........both are pretty low.

In Cebu† City, there is a money changer near Mango Square that has consistently higher exchange rates.....sorry can\'t remember the exact name or address.


I live in Cavite and you will find better rates in Manila.



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