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Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
I think I and others on here have already provided enough information and videos concerning your issues with your concerns on human trafficking in the Philippines. The Philippines isn't the only country with human trafficking problems, India and other Asian countries have the same issues too, let alone in Europe dealing with with the same issues and also with radical Islamic terrorism.
The Philippines just had their election recently and I'm sure their new President elect and other elected government officials will do what is necessary concerning human/drug trafficking, other criminal activities and the wide spread of radical Islamic terrorism.   

Justica, while I feel that most of us on this site, and most humans in general, feel that child prostitution and pornography is a horrible thing, what is the point you are trying to make on this forum? You have only posted on this particular topic. Why don't you tell us a little about yourself so we can understand a bit more about you and why you feel so strongly about this issue.

Justica, you write it doesn’t seem governments and NGOs much care about the sexual exploitation of quite young and underage girls. I agree with my forum compatriots that it is a difficult, if not an almost impossible task for governments to do so. Nevertheless, Father Shay Cullen and the PREDA Foundation in Olongapo City works with the local police to locate and ferret out pimps and bar owners who employ underage girls and boys. The PREDA Foundation also is quite aggressive in raising funds to help feed and house young women who have been rescued from bars and whorehouses. The Foundation also gives classes to young men and women with little education so they might become gainfully employed.
I met Father Shay Cullen in San Francisco in late 1992/early 1993 when he asked for help from the San Francisco Police Department and the public in identifying pimps and North American men who travel to the Philippines for a sex holiday with very young girls and boys. The police promised they would work with him.
The New Democratic Party (a wishy-washy Socialist Party) in Alberta, Canada has sent money to both the Philippines and to Thailand to help the governments catch and prosecute Canadians who believe they can abuse youth and amuse themselves in Asia without being caught. The following is from Wikopedia’s “Child Sex Tourism.”
Canada . . .in its Criminal Code . . .allows for the arrest and prosecution of Canadians in Canada for offences committed in foreign countries related to child sex tourism, such as child prostitution. . .child sexual exploitation offences, such as indecent acts, child pornography and incest (Bills C-27 and C-15A . . . Convictions carry a penalty of up to 20 years imprisonment.

I'll most likely get slapped for this but,,,,,,,,, Justica, apart from bleating and ranting on an Expat site where most if not all of the members/readers
live in/want to live in (and I presume this is your country) the Philippines,,,,,, are already partnered "legally"; what are you personally doing to stop the sexual exploitation and abuse of "minors"???? As other members have asked, have you gone to the top? Have you lobbied or are you actively working and badgering the powers that be?
How passionate are you regarding this issue? If you are truly serious and want changes then you need to seek out help, not tirade and point the finger in the wrong direction.
Help is there, there are plenty of NGO's in many countries that deal with this and many other humanitarian issues, if you can't find, ask, if there is nothing that fits the bill, do! I mean do, not whinge and cry.
Set up a trust, not for profit, lobby the right people, seek out volunteers and sponsors, government funding, etc etc.
There will always be those that take advantage of the innocent and weak, remove them and the pickings are slim.
Food, housing, education, then "legal" employment will curtail and hopefully stop abuse of the innocent.
Personally, if I can help, I will, please talk to me/us and let's see if there are any avenues to start the ball rolling on this serious problem.
Facts and figures please.
Cheers, Steve

I don't know how I can help without going public, the only information I have is from people that have investigated these sites.
It's all over the internet and in the media, there is enough evidence to take these websites down and prosecute the owners.
But the facts remain, nobody is doing anything about them, they are getting away with multiple child abuse crimes every day.

I have posted this just to make people aware of what is going on, people will read it, I just hope the right people read it.
I know people that have young children and they are poor, they are afraid that as soon as their children realise most
of their friends are having sex with mostly older men on these sites, their kids will most likely follow the same path,

A life of sex abuse.

All I can say is it is a shame that governments don't get together and understand what is going on, take these websites down.

Think of what kind of filth your child would be asked to do if they find themselves in that situation where adults with no morals,
no respect for the child are going to make them perform sex acts that no child should ever have to experience.

That's not a life for a child, if people can't get together to stop it, then the world is just screwed up.
The saddest part is these kids grow up thinking these people are their friends, when all they have done is sexually abuse them.

It's illegal in most countries, so why should it be allowed on the internet when it's obviously child abuse.

I'm just a caring person that found out the truth behind the scenes and it makes me sick to know that people,
adults are doing this all over the Philippines, in every city, targeting mostly under aged girls, and other countries too.

I think the best thing that can happen is to try communicate with these girls and boys, and offer them the opportunity to
leave the Philippines and go to a civilised country where they'll have a better chance of a life where people won't exploit them for sex.
Lets face it folks, not enough people in the top powers care enough to wipe out this dirt, someone behind the scenes will have to take action.

End of story.


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