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Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
Watch the local news, you'll see all that stuff there everyday!
That's why I seldom watch the local news, it's so repetitive
and very depressing to watch! Besides, foreigners are all
contributing to the economy just by vacationing and
living here for the long term, while the Philippine
government drag their feet year in year out making
little difference for the poverty stricken population! :( 


--- Quote from: iamjames on October 02, 2014, 03:42:09 PM ---For any of us complacent expats or potential expats who look at living in the Philippines those documentaries should be COMPULSORY VIEWING. The senses of optimism, loyalty to family, hunger for education, desperation while grasping at straws, selfless acts.... These are a special race. RESPECT.

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Maybe they should be viewed by guys like me.  Unfortunately they cannot be viewed in the US.

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The latest riding masterpiece from Danny Macaskill is out. Even though weve grown to expect crazy stunts, army tanks, sculpted jumps, and even Playboy Bunnies, the newest video from Danny is au naturel. After making his way back home to the Isle of Skye, Danny jumps on a mountain bike instead of his trusty trial rig and tackles a crazy line though the Cuillin Ridgline. Fortunately for us, Cut Media was there to document it, and the result is a winner. Watch the video next.
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There are plenty of nice mountains in the Philippines he could ride on.

wow -  there are easier ways to die! :o

My best recommendations for documentaries are:

March of the penguins.
 Brilliantly made nature documentary:

March of the Penguins

The revolution will not be televised.

An Irish crew were in the government buildings making a documentary on Chavez when this coup happened by coincidence so they continued to film. This won top awards. It is an amazing insight on an actual attempted revolution.

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, Chavez, The Coup - MUST WATCH! Small | Large


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