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Anyone introduce their Filipinas to diving


Everything went well except.... she had problems with pressure on her ears. After we finished I realized that she was not holding her breath when trying to blow out and take the pressure off her ears. ... that was kind of hard to explain.... the bottom line is she was not popping her ears although it looked like it... so she was very uncomfortable.
We had been snorkeling a number of times but she was still nervous... she thought the tanks would be heavy and sink her to the bottom....
I say just do it!


I took mine snorkeling...and she is hooked. I explained some of the things about equalizing and also know I can buy her a 60 cubic inch aluminum tank and she shouldnt\' have any problem. Right now though...she is practicing her skin diving near her house outside of Glad I started her on a new hobby... 8)

Good Luck to you on yours. ;D

My wife is five foot nothing and weighs 40 kgs. She\'s now PADI certified and we dive together frequently. She uses a full size tank and she\'s an excellent diver though not much of a swimmer. It\'s a great hobby to do as a couple. She\'s got all her own gear now, as do I and we have a great time.

Yup i into\'d mine to snorkeling 12 yrs ago and we still laugh about he experience...aparently in my instruction i forgot to tell her exactly how to seal off the snorkle..she almost drowned...but still loves the water.  She hasnt been in 7 years but i hope to get her PADIfied or NAUIED or whaterver ..  once we get back over there.. (she loves her lil dive suit)

I got my wife PADI certified three years ago, and she\'s become a terrific diver. It\'s great to be able to dive together, and I think we\'ve got more than 100 dives as a couple since she got certified.


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