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Re: Widower Moving to Phils from USA with 2 TEENAGE DAUGHTERS...good idea or no?


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Re: Widower Moving to Phils from USA with 2 TEENAGE DAUGHTERS...good idea or no?

As we see, there are two sides to every coin. I marvel at how a
simple question or statement can bring so many different points of
view on any given subject. It is also refreshing that we can agree or
disagree on a given position without attacking the person.

It is a parents preogative to decide the welfare and upbringing of
their wards. Be it in a first or third world country. (One should
judge the pros and cons and decide accordingly.) The only real
question that really matters is what is in the best interest of the
child (and not of the parent). That decision rests in the hands of
the parent and as a parent we need to realize we owe it to our
children to do what is in their best interest.

The only concerns I regard as noteworthy in this thread is the age of
the child when the time comes to relocate (I think we can agree it is
easier when the child is under 7 yrs old.) and the overall outcome of
the child\'s future.

Less someone take an axe to my ankles, I am not, nor have I ever been
or expect to be in this dilemma (my daughter is 40 yrs old) so I am
only an observer and my opinions really don\'t matter, but they are MY
opinions and that was what was asked. :-}

Good Luck to all that have to deal with this.


(Whew, I think that went well.....)

Here is the original post:

Yeah, maybe I\'m a dreamer. Looking out of my living room window at
the Sioux Falls moonscape (WHITE !! Snow, don\'t \'cha know...), I
can\'t help but remember my trip to the Phils October 2005 to meet my
(now) fiancee and some of her extended family.

Hey, I really DO like Sioux Falls compared to Los Angeles area
(where I \'lived\' for 35 years), very much less crime, little or no
Politically Correct crap, no graffiti, better schools, WAY less
traffic, a generally higher quality of people, and a man can still
bring home enough bacon without sending the missus into the workplace
fray, BUT...can\'t stop thinking about \'the move\' !!

I don\'t seriously approach the subject with my kids because I don\'t
want to stir up any unnecessary anxiety.
Some of my parental-type concerns range thus:
*Quality and/or availability of High School and College education
*Will they be able to find part-time work there? No smart remarks,
*Being of the \'dating\' age, what are their \'prospects\'?

Tell me all the good and bad you have heard.

I would move only after I have established an offshore (from US to
Phils) income flow; after all, if I am to build there, it will take
more than I can earn locally: this reality I am aware of, but the
thrust of this question:
Is it wise to bring culturally American Teen girls to the Philippines
or no?

Sioux Falls,SD


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