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Support for Win 7 Ending in January 2020

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For those who want a free upgrade tp Win 10, See <  >


Another place to follow the steps to get this done is on the Windows 10 Forums in their tutorial section.

I did this last week, and it worked without any major issues.

Be aware that it can seem to stop, or stall, at around 27%, but just check your hard drive activity light, and if it is flickering then all is good, just have patience and wait.


I tried that free Windows 10 and ended up having to format both my desktops because I kept getting updates that would take an hour and then they wouldn't work and so had to wait for the updates to be removed and on one of my desktops I had to replace the hard drive.

Windows 10 is horrible.
If when Win 7 becomes useless, I will prolly migrate to a Linux based system.
If Apple products were not so expensive I would consider getting a Mac.

If anyone is having issues with these Win 10 upgrades or other Windohs' privacy problems, there is a free programme named ShutUp10, which lets you take back control from of u$'s freaky stuff.

See <  > It's a pretty powerful tool, so be careful when you set it up.

I've been using this since I bought my last laptop, which came with Windohs 10 preinstalled, 3 years ago.

I run Linux Mint 19.2 along side XP SP3, in a dual boot configuration, on my other 2 LTs.



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