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leaving vancouver today

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Ricky A:
yeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaw..... ;D   on a flight in 12 hrs with family ...arriving on front porch of house in bohol (god willing) exactly 24 hours to cebu by myself for 12-16 hrs a day of texas holdem at the waterfront casino for about a week...then back in time for major festival...immaculate conception ...then day trips with family for atv\'ing in the chocolate hills and then panglao...and driving around the entire province for 3 weeks by myself...discovering bohol in detail....going to be sticking to the coastline...

if i dont do the later (coin toss) i will just hang out and play tennis and b ball with the locals and get back to an original love of mine...canoeing....

staying for a month+ but we will see how it all pans out....

want to make god laugh?....tell him your plans for tomorrow...


yeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaw.....   :)!  Congratulations, very happy for you.  Have a safe flight and enjoy your stay in the Philippines.

Ricky A:

--- Quote from: meylou on November 28, 2011, 06:23:01 AM ---yeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaw.....   :)!  Congratulations, very happy for you.  Have a safe flight and enjoy your stay in the Philippines.

--- End quote ---

hey mey

thanks a lot....appreciate the well wishes....3 suitcased and 3 balakbayan boxes all packed to maximum capacity...50 lbs a piece..
really looking forward to seeing the 10,000 kids i made friends with last two times i was there...

as for the adults....whatever  ;)


Ricky A:
arrived safely in manila then safely in tagbilaran.  met some friends for tennis then off to cebu from tobegon took the fastcraft...great little ride...catamaran with a motor...goes 50k hr....arrived in cebu and played poker at waterfront hotel for 13 hrs..then checked into pier quatro day back to bohol and enjoying the locals, family, new house (with air con...thank god)....and just bought a 25,000 sq foot lot right beside my present house.  plan on buidling tennis court, basketball court with bleachers...lights..roof etc...also include a grotto and waterfalls...basically a garden of eden for jocks.

learning more visayan every day...todays words are:  prounounced phonetically:  karon = \"now\" and tiss tiss lang = \"joking\"...a must for a clown like me.


Congats! I will be departing Dallas on 4/4/12. My first trip to bohol. Have fun!


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