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Manila to bohol - the best route?

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Greetings yall. can anyone direct me to a thread that entails manila to bohol travel routes, cost, ect.  ?    Thanks in advance!

I would just fly...
try here


--- Quote from: RUFUS on April 01, 2012, 12:16:52 PM ---I would just fly...
try here

--- End quote ---

Thanks, learned a lot from that thread.

Gray Wolf:

You could also try these people:  We flew Zest Air from Manila to Cebu on October 1st.  The plane was a new Airbus A320, single-aisle, with seating for six across.  It was very roomy, even for my 3XL Kano butt.   ;D  The airplane was exceptionally clean, and as my my wife herself pointed out, the cabin attendants were dressed very sexy and were fine examples of the Filipina form.   ;)   ;D   ;D
The pilot was darned good, too.  The whole crew was top notch.  I won\'t hesitate to use them again next time I fly to Cebu.   :)

Bing has used Zestair several times on trips to Manila, and was very satisfied with them. They were also the cheapest at the time.


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