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Is Tampo A Bad Word or Is My First Pinay Relationship With A Crazy Person !!

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Dear Experienced pinay Relationship Members,
I have a question regarding the word tampo but first let me preface my question with a scenario that recently happened to me.
I am a 48 yr old American male who has been speaking with a 27 yr old lady from the Philippines.  I joined a dating site after following several forums and reading about life with a Filipino spouse.  I think I have a decent grasp on the advantages and disadvantages of being in a relationship with a pinay and have been fascinated with all the trials and tribulations one might encounter by taking on such endeavor.
So hear is my story:
Days 1 - 2   
I joined CB  and 100+ messages plus countless chat requests later,  one woman stood out amongst all the rest.  She has a college degree, lives on her own, no ex, no children and works in HR for what appears to be a well established business in Cebu             City.  Also, she appeared to be the only one that actually read my whole profile and sent me a thoughtful email. 
Day 3         
She gave me her name and phone number in the email she sent me on day 2 and I looked her up on Facebook.  She seemed legit with the typical photos of coworkers and friends.  I added her to my friends list.
Day 3 - 9   
We spoke every day for two to three hours on average.  Great conversations and her youthful enthusiasm rubbed off on me.  She also started to display the typical characteristics I have read about from those who are enjoying their marriages.  She is very caring, happy, concerned and the love word is now starting to surface.  She talks about how she will take such good care of me, how we will both work here in the US and someday save enough to buy some land and build a house in the Philippines.  She would also like to have 1 or 2 kids and raise some goats,  the typical happy family scenario.  I respect her greatly because she was adopted by a family and treated like a "slave" (her words) but put up with it because she wanted to graduate high school.  Once she graduated, she found a family that sponsored her through college in exchange for working at their house.  Now she has a decent career.  I am not going to lie, I am starting to dig this woman even though it seems like the relationship is moving blistering fast.
Day 10 - 14 
We decide to do face to face on Facebook through their video chat.  She is very sweet, laughs a lot and although probably not as "hot" as some guys would think, she is cute and her personality is making her more attractive every day.   We chat and hour before I go to work and a couple hours after.  She is always available to message or talk and even though she works 10 hour days, is never to tired to not be available when I ask.  I asked her one time what she was going to do after work and she replied she was going to the mall to buy some shoes.  She showed me a picture of them and out of the blue I told her I would like to buy her a pair.  She refused my request, saying they are much to expensive for me to spend my money.  I know I make quite a bit more than her so I thought that was quite admirable of her not to allow me to do it.
Day 15         
We are enjoying our usual video chat in the morning.  Her signal is kinda of intermittent so she runs to her place of business (only a few minutes away) so she can get a better signal and not keep dropping out.  I am teasing her because now she is sounding like a "wife" and "mother" at times, always telling me to get enough rest, drive safe, etc...  As we end our normal conversation she started saying she is going to miss me and to check in with her when I get to work.  I start joking and say I will call her next week, she gives me this look and asks  "When?" , I reply amusingly, "next week, I don't want you to get to hooked on me to soon (with a smile)".  Now she frowns and gets quiet so I ask her "Is this what Tampo is", and there goes the phone!!!!!  Then the video shuts off and I am thinking she just dropped it.
I messaged her and asked her where did she go and she answers "Just enjoy".  then she sends me " See you again next Thursday ".
This has totally thrown me for a loop so I said " I was just playing with you, but ok " and logged off.  I wasn't going down that road.
Now I am thinking ................  W T F Just Happened !!!!!
She went from 0 to nut job in 30 seconds.
I can hear her trying to call me again but never answer.  Needless to say, one hour and 62 messages later, with messages like she was being immature, she loves me but didn't know how to react so she panicked, she will not sleep until she can tell me she is sorry...................etc,

I log back on to  talk to he.  I explain I won't put up with that type of attitude and if she can't communicate this will not work and I am out of here.  She agrees and we have a pleasant conversation.  I told her she owes me a sexy photo and she sends me a fairly provocative picture (But she won't send me any nude ones !!) but she did the best she could do.
So my question is, is this at all normal?  Am I involved with a psycho ready to come out?  Is Tampo that bad of a word?  Am I overreacting?
I won't lie, I still like her but i am a little gun shy now........
Mr Never Say Tampo

I have found that most Filipinos, even educated ones, do not seem to understand our slang or things we may think is funny in a joking way. She probably thought you were giving her the brush off since you would not tell her when you were going to call her, after you had already set a pattern of calling and or chatting as much as you did.

Not necessarily a bad word but the action of accusing her directly of her "bad" behavior.  (Yes, it was tampo.)

I dont think it was the word at all.  When you said, I will call you next week, that immediately sent up red flags to her, and her defensive mechanisms kicked in full speed.    Filipinas fall easy, and are also weary of people played for a fool online.
and as we all know they do not have thick skin at all

Growing up in New York, sarcasm is in our blood.  I will have to learn to temper it a bit.  Also, I told her I have never been in relationship with anyone from the Philippines so if I am being offensive let me know so I can correct it.  From everything I have read about their personalities, that will likely not happen though.


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