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--- Quote from: MadDog on March 18, 2018, 04:43:38 AM ---What a bunch of legal blaah, blaah, blabbity blaah.
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Yeah, it is a sorry state of things.  The farmers are pretty conscientious about their fences.


--- Quote from: MadDog on March 18, 2018, 04:43:38 AM ---Thank you all for this information. What a bunch of legal blaah, blaah, blabbity blaah. You can not get more specific than that. Basically you must live there over 6 months and be sure you change your address with all the necessary important stuff. Especially the drivers licence and voter registration. I thought may be, because I did move from one state to the next. Well then, I may have to move for 7 months after I retire. Thank you all again.

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What you might wish to do, is examine what your tax liabilities will be once retired, to see if it would be worth the trouble and if so and if it will mean a huge tax savings, then consider it. I know that having a Florida residence over NY has saved me a fortune in taxes over the years. Whatever you decide to do, you have enough time to get all your ducks in a row, you might also wish to start keeping track of all your snail mail, so you can notify those you wish to when you move and not notify others, so you can cut out whatever mail you need to before moving and if you do not put in a forwarding address to the post office when you move, you will get rid of most of the junk mail too.

Maybe I got wrong info.  I am not going to weed through all that crap.  Check out Texas.  I am pretty sure there is someone on here who did Texas and never lived there so they should be able to tell you.

Well I 'm glad I found this topic because it answers some of my questions on taxes and residency if making a move temporarily or permanent.
I do believe now that all states are requiring proof of residency (utility bill /school enrollment, etc) to obtain a drivers license now under the Real ID act?
Does anybody here use what is called a virtual mail box?  If so what are the average costs and is it worth it?


Got a question about mail forwarding.  Do you use your mail forwarding address to give to your bank, social security etc... or do you provide your Philippine residential address? I know US banks want to see a US physical address and I was wondering if your mail forwarding address is sufficient. I was thinking about using because they provide a street address in Dallas where I'm originally from and I'm familiar with the street. Once I'm in the Philippines I will look into a mail box at a RAO and have all my mail forwarded from my service in the US. Which is more beneficial in receiving correspondence (dead or alive letters) from social security or DFAS your mail forwarding address or your RAO mail box address.  I would like to keep most of my mail from entering the Philippine postal system as possible. I understand the RAO's has an FPO address that retired military can obtain for an annual fee which allows for receiving mail as well as sending mail. Any suggestions on this matter?


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