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We miss fishing too.  I used to go with my husband - fished from our boat.  But we have not gone fishing yet here.  Do you know if there are places where we can rent a boat - go lake fishing? 

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
When we lived in Olongapo near SBMA in 1998, I went fishing a few times, but didn't catch anything!
(Download and check out the PDF file below)

Excerpts from the pdf file:

Section 6. Recreational Fishing
6.1 Scope. This Section covers the rules and regulations on recreational fishing to be
allowed at specific areas within Subic Bay, including the authorized mode of fishing, hours of
operation, and related duties and responsibilities.
6.2 Rules Governing Recreational Fishing
a. There are only four sites allowed for recreational fishing:
1) Leyte Wharf
2) Malawaan Bridge Approach Area
3) Grande Island Pier
4) Bicentennial Park Lagoon
b. Fishing Permit
1) The hobbyist shall obtain a permit at fifty pesos (P 50.00) each for every fishing
rod or hook and line (kawil) to be used.
2) The fishing permit shall be issued by FSC Tourism Department for Leyte Wharf
and Malawaan fishing sites and by SBMA Tourism Department for Grande area
and Bicentennial Park Lagoon. The hobbyist shall always carry with him the
issued permit and show the same to the Harbor Patrol or roving Tourism or
Ecology Center personnel when required.
3) The permitted fishing method (fishing rod/hook and line only) is only for
shoreline fishing and not boat fishing. Chemical, electrical, blasting, net and gill
fishing are strictly prohibited.
4) The permit is only for fishing. Swimming in the four areas listed in rule a of this
Section, diving and gathering seashells, oysters, mollusks and other edible marine
growth shall not be allowed.
5) Each licensed fishing rod and hook and line is entitled to a maximum catch of
three (3) fishes. All juvenile fish must be released. Adult fish may also be
c. Fishing Hours. Fishing shall only be allowed during daylight hours, from 6:00 AM to
6:00 PM. No fishing shall be allowed at night and during bad weather.

Link to SBMA Freeport Tourist Facilities

Thanks all, now I know its a possibility so I will cling to hope and start digging a little more

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
I know of a friend/neighbor of ours (also a Fil/Am like myself) who brought all of his fishing poles, reels, other equipment and accessories with him here to the Philippines in hopes of going fishing one of these days!
Whenever we see each other at our monthly neighbor potluck get together he is always talking about making plans of renting a driver/vehicle, a boat and cottage and go fishing somewhere around the coast of Batangas, but I've been waiting almost a year now for his plans to come through! :o ???   

Art, just come here, handline's and I own the boat hahaha


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