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A few Pictures from Yolanda

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Just thought I would share a few pics of the storm

You look at that and the thought is where do you even begin. It just looks impossible to deal with.

There must be some percentage of people who just wouldn't be able to cope with those conditions and would just freeze up or have to leave.

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
With total devastation like that after Yolanda, IMHO it's just best to pack up whatever valves are left and leave the area, because sticking around will just make it more difficult for those that will be tasked in the clean up of debris and reestablishing or developing the devastated areas where needed! 
As an example, the Japanese has it down to a science in how to start over again, where all or most of the residents were relocated while clean up and redevelopment is started by their government without too much of a hindrance from people getting in the way of progress even though it may take years to complete in putting everything back structurally and or aesthetically the way it was once.   

So sorry for what you've been through.  You have resources so you'll just pick up the pieces and start all over, hopefully in a different area, perhaps a different island?  Whatever you and your wife decides, much luck to you both.

Art,that might work if we were in Japan however its been my experience during and after the storm the PI government has done little to nothing, built a few bank houses of the cheapest stuff they could find, handed out NFA rice (kept the Class A rice given here) and cleaned a few streets...other than that it was the NGO's
Meylou Thought about Cebu but the familys here, as there was no one to help that fell to me...gota stay now
Hitekcountry, you start by cleaning out a space to build on, then use the abundance of scrap lumber that was left, after that just little by little and pretty soon its done...not easy but done

I do truly understand why people left, with nothing but the shirt on their back why not...but I and my family were better off than that, and we are determined to rebuild...the ones that piss me off are the ones that left and come back and act like they are heros...especially my brngy Chairman...


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