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A few Pictures from Yolanda

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Boy that is terrible devastation.  :'(

Sorry it breaks my heart to see so that much devastation,  :'( to me that means so many must still be suffering so hopefully after all you have done Lee, lets hope the locals have a new appreciation for you.

The crab mentality is hard for me to understand but I have also seen it in the US, so I guess it is just a people thing and not just found in the Philippines. :(

Coleman could you list the NGO’s and rate them as to what your impression of them and which were the most helpful.

There was the desire or willingness in the early days of the disaster to make contributions that would be of some help to those that were suffering through that disaster. But the first decision one had to face was what agency to donate to. And then the realization that more than likely very little of what you give would ever reach those you intended to help. Most of the money would end up stuck in someone’s pocket half way there.

I'm sure there were background organizations that I did not see..I met a lot of people doing different things from restoring communications to rebuilding schools..but boots on the ground, directly helping people these are the ones that stood out.
The United Nations..I have never been a great fan of theirs but the amount of relief they gave directly to people was amazing.  Everything from Tents, Solar lighting, Food, Tarps, Building materials..Tons of their stuff is still being used today especially the Tents and Tarps ...

Save the Children, when I was in the states I got very tired of seeing their pleading commercials, But they came in force, and are still here.

Doctors without boarders, and their Canadian counterpart..Came in and set up clinics and I'm sure saved many.  Now I have to say Canada, Australia,Korea, and Japan stand out among the best.  The US sent doctors and when they got here had no supplies.  They also acted like premadonnas, in the middle of a crisis like this who would think they could come and expect stuff to be here...WTF

USAID..The Marine Corp KC 130s out of Okinawa flew in tons of aid, 24 hours a day for a couple of weeks, trouble was there was no way to distribute it so it sat at the airport for weeks.  Follow through by the US sucked.  And that is hard for me to say.

The Red Cross/Red Crescent Sent many people, supplys and seemed to be one of the best thought out...They actually had trucks to distribute stuff with..they figured out how to get them here from Manila and Cebu.
Mercy Corps/Unicef  Huge response, they did a lot of great work and are still here.

Tzu Chi...The stars of relief, gave money to people directly, gave relief to people directly, you may have to look it up as I didnt know they existed before the last few giving directly they avoided the corruption that was so prevalent. I forget how much they gave but it was amazing at the time...They also seemed to be the ones that had the best handle on cleaning up, I give them a lot of the credit for clearing the roads to allow relief to come thru..

Iglesia Cristo  These guys gave a lot, used their church's as relief points..I was impressed

The Koreans..Something most dont think about, I didnt, was the dead bodies, the Koreans sent a large team of people whose express job was the recovery of bodies.  You could tell them at a glance because they dressed in black. They had everything they needed with them and for weeks maybe months they combed through the wreckage and placed orange flags at the site of DB's, once they were found they did DNA so some of them could be identified.  They did great work and probably are one of the reasons the disease was kept to a minimum..I have no idea if they were private or state sponsored.

I'm sure I missed a bunch but to me these are the ones that stood out, I had the chance to deal with some of them directly and was impressed with the professionalism.

Its one thing to give relief, its another to get it where its needed, thats where a lot of stuff fell through the could tell the organizations with experience in third world countries as they dealt with people directly by-passing the local and national government. They had learned if you want relief to go somewhere you better put it there yourself..There were a lot of cases of officials trying to take over for whatever reason, The good NGO's would not let that happen..We had a politician here re-bagging rice with sacks with his picture on them...duh????

Btw, this is a great breakdown of the storm. I just found it

Speechless!!! I watched the news and makes me angry to see how incompetent the politicians are...A friend of mine who work in DSWD told me theyve been sitting duck awaiting for instructions instead of being out there helping.  The medicines and food end up in some storage and so many  stealing the donations. I just can't imagine how you guys pull through this, but you're all  alive and that's ultimately is what matter.


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