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Satellite TV in Muntinlupa / Rugby coverage



just discovered that our local satellite tv provider Cignal does not include Setanta! (My hair turned white!)

Does anyone know any internet sites that provide coverage of international Rugby tests?


Kind regards,

Mike the Fritz

Here is one option hopefully others have other options.

Watch all live sports at this link

A site called "filmon" gives you all british channels live. Most of the rugby coverage is between ITV and BBC. Presuming that is you are referring to the "six nations"?

Lee2 & iamjames.

thanks for your input.

I have done some "googling" and been successful!

I knew that 'filmon' by the way.

Kind regards,


P.S. Apologise for belated acknowledgement.


sorry! In my last post I quite forgot to mention the solution to my problem.

I have opted for on-line viewing via RUGBY PASS!
It's not free, but they even offer one-day or season subscriptions.

I chose the yearly option (170 Pounds), and have been enjoying the first matches
of the Rugby Championship.

No staying or getting up during the night for European games either!

Have a nice Monday & week!

Kind regards,

Mike the Fritz


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