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Palawan Aussie:
Just for interest, in the opinion of some, here's one of the best Philippine blogs on the net

"FINEST KIND CLINIC AND FISHMARKET.... Discussing medicine, culture, and the joys of cooking Pansit. A retired Philippines doctor discussing food, music, science, and medicine, and some of the more absurd headlines of the day .."

He's also a dedicated cat lover :D  He's not especially religious, simply an intelligent retired Philippine medical doctor, with enough time on his hands to write a daily blog. He has a wide range of interests and a wry and witty sense of humour. You might find him an interesting read.

Thanks for sharing the link.  He's quite good and I enjoyed looking at the photos of the day, the different monasteries of the east and west.  :)

Hmmmmm Isn't your Filipino doctor a Filipina.???????

Palawan Aussie:

--- Quote from: paulus on June 16, 2013, 05:38:12 AM ---Hmmmmm Isn't your Filipino doctor a Filipina.???????

--- End quote ---

Yes, not sure, but I think you're right. Over the years, lately he/she seems to have come out more.

Whatever, doesn't matter to me. Certainly an intelligent person, and for sure an interesting blogger


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