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Why can't many Philippine govt offices do things correctly?

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I keep reading about drivers licenses, no plastic, so not issued sometimes for years, license plates take many months to get, a friend bought a new motorcycle and it took him over 6 months to get his license plates and he is Filipinos, how much longer had it been an expat, ACR cards, I keep reading on here how some paid yet never got them, isn't it about time that the president of the Philippines cleans up the mess in his govt offices, why should those who live in the Philippines be inconvenienced over and over again instead of the govt fixing the problems.

Steve & Myrlita:
Here's one for you. 3 yrs ago (2015), I paid for new plates. Mind you this was mandatory not optional. It is now 2018 and I still have no plates. Myrlita asked them when will they arrive? They said don't know. She asked for a refund since it is 3 yrs later. They told her they don't give refunds. A legal scam.

What's the cost of fixing this corruption? 

That's the key question I believe.  I think Duterte bit off more than he can chew and realized that when he took office.  I don't think he has enough money at his disposal to get all the corruption that has built up over decades removed in his 6 years due to lack of funds to do all that would have to happen to clean up something as simple as just the ACR I-Cards, plastic form of driver's licenses or license plates for the cars/bikes. 

The longer and longer I live here the more and more I see the issue for most problems being formed at the local level.  I have done some checks on my credit just to make sure no one has taken my plastic license and used it for credit cards or something.  There could be someone trying to use it to get to the USA saying they are me, but that will fail big time...I think.  Between having to try and get a passport that will pass muster and then the fact that my file in the system shows my face and not some smaller brown dudes face. 

That said, God only knows why these people do half the stuff they do when it comes to some of these things.  But I am very confident that when August comes, I'll be renewing my driver's license using the "paper license" and receipt because I still won't have received my plastic one.  And that I think disappeared somewhere local, not in Manila.

I read yesterday that the license plates for Jun-Sep 2016 will be released starting in Jul.   :o  Hopefully mine will be in the next batch, even though I bought the vehicle in Jul 2016.  My actual license number is different than the temporary I was issued since the LTO says they did not receive the transaction til Oct 2016.  Took about 8 months to get plastic DL.


Chuck, I performed my annual car registration in May and I've been waiting for those new plates since 2014 so I don't see how they can release 2016 plates before the previous years? 

Got my new drivers license renewal last year and was told to keep calling for my plastic card and then the number was unlisted so I went in months later to pick up my plastic license only to be told to register to have my drivers license issued in plastic so I'm scheduled for late October, I'll bet that will change also.

I don't mind carrying around a paper copy but here's the problem I need an ID and a valid ID when I do my annual check in with the PBI Satellite Office up in Sta Rosa Laguna, so all of my ID's from the states are expired I've been here a very long time and they didn't seem to like my postal ID either as a valid ID and when I said all I have is my paper drivers license copy they got a little touchy.  I do have my retired military ID card but I don't want to leave that with anyone, I couldn't imagine what I'd have to go through to get that replaced if lost.


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