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Hi, how do you stop an ex-wife (filipina) with one kid ( pinoy legitimate or not,  no admission of paternity) Legally divorced in foreign country (15 years ago) and remarried to another filipina 10 years ago with one kid of 9 years old living and resident in the PH for now 10 years., to claim our house, bank money if I ever die ? as she is always checking if i am dead....
An Attorney told me that, I must open account to my daughter name. For the property , a foreigner is not allowed to own properties (this I know) so only my wife and daughter can own it and my ex and her kid can not.... Humm when i read the law here on the internet, you can not stop your kids,spouse or illegitimate kids... to have a property heritage, wife half, my kid 1/4 and legitimate/or not kid 1/4... because the property belong to the PH law...
Someone can help about this headache? Thank you!

ummmmmm    I got nothin' 

You familiar with the Warren Zevon song "lawyers, guns, and money"?

Get a lawyer. One that knows property settlements and estates. Your ex-wife sounds like one of those “smart” ones that knows how to use the PHL laws to go after assets.  It sounds like you don’t have any legal documents for separation of assets when you separated from your previous wife. She might try to go after “her share” after you die.


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I have not thought of him in decades.  Great song.  Thanks.


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