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Guns in the Philippines

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Gray Wolf:

--- Quote from: Art, re(tired) Fil/Am on June 02, 2013, 03:49:57 PM ---Hitekcountry,
Why you such in a huff with all your CAPITAL letters? Which is also against forum rules BTW? My post was not directed at you personally and I wasn't even the OP! Direct your anger at someone else! Don't shoot the messenger!
Now doesn't everyone see the logic in this discussion about guns in the Philippines or anywhere else for that matter? It's like discussing politics or religion which is open to too much controversy, let alone a lot of ranting and arguing among members on here which isn't cool and a turn off to some members already! 
Jack, IMHO you should lock this topic! Don't you or anyone else see where all this is going? Nowhere! No one seems to listen! ??? :o

--- End quote ---

Art, you are wrong, again.  Only if a member posts in all caps for the whole post is it not allowed.  Capitalization of a few words for emphasis is and has always been allowed by me.

Gray Wolf:
Since some of our members can't stay on topic, I'm going to make one last point and then lock the thread.

Myself, Rufus, Lost in Samoa, HitekCountry, Medic3500, et al understand that we can not own or carry a firearm.  That was never the debate, no matter how hard some of you guys try to make it so.  The debate was the fact that everyone is allowed, by law, to defend themselves and their extended family from attack, be it with a club, a bolo, a chair, a piece of pipe, a rock or whatever is handy.  It is one's God given right!  No one can take that away from us! 

They can write all the laws they want making it impossible for law abiding citizens to own, carry or possess a firearm.  But they can not make us submit to being a victim of violent crime! 

I have always carried a folding knife with me everywhere I go in the Philippines. Everywhere!  I will continue to do everything I can to protect myself and my family from crime, even if it means giving my OWN life to protect and defend my wife! 



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