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Facebook launches dating service

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Really, I gave neither and have been a member for several years (2008). I have a userID (not email) and my profile has no personal info. Will look again to see if something in the profile has personal stuff. I know there are many ads that show up on the FB timeline page if you do any searches via a search engine (Google, etc). Again, I'm not a supporter of the Dating Site for the PI, but not sure all of the personal info is shared if it's not provided. Thanks.

If signed up via a computer then they ask for email address, I had to give them one years ago, I have an account I only use for messenger or searching online, and if signed up via a phone, then they want a phone number, with Philippines numbers being so easy to get and untraceable and no spam calls while in the Philippines, so as long as you do not use that number to contact friends and family with, I have no problem giving them one of the extra ones we keep active for business type calls, such as if we are interested in buying something we found online, and besides, they apparently need one for recovery if you get locked out of your account.

The sad part in the U.S. is that nowadays there are so many spam calls and they come from machines that program a false number so you cannot even complain about them because you do not have the actual number they called from, so at least in the Philippines we do not have to put up with spam calls, one more great thing about living in the Philippines.

Chuck, Lee,....mea copa!! I just looked at the settings in privacy and found my email and a very old Vegas Phone number from 2009. So they do have info that I thought was not available. Sorry.....for once I was sure I was correct.....again wrong. I'll leave the number since they obviously don't use it. Still concur that the Dating Site is bad idea!


--- Quote from: Gray Wolf on May 09, 2018, 05:28:06 AM ---Any account that you start on Farcebook will spread all of your personal information around the planet within minutes. You'll start receiving emails, phone calls and solicitation from numbers of people and organizations you never heard of, and likely won't want to hear from again. But it'll be too late. You might as well buy a billboard in Makati and post your name, address, phone number, social security number and sexual preferences. It will be that bad.

--- End quote ---
wow, that doesnt happen to me?  I have had fb for about 10 years, maybe a little longer


--- Quote from: jjcabgou on May 09, 2018, 02:40:08 PM ---wow, that doesnt happen to me?  I have had fb for about 10 years, maybe a little longer

--- End quote ---

Me neither.  I have noticed a few targeted ads on FB itself, but nothing in my email and definitely no phone calls.


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