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Philippines is now larger than India in the call center business. The fact that Filipinos speak American English better than the Indians that speak a more British English is a big plus.

A few quotes from the article:

“Over the last several years, a quiet revolution has been reshaping the call center business: the rise of the Philippines, a former United States colony that has a large population of young people who speak lightly accented English and, unlike many Indians, are steeped in American culture.”

“The Philippines, which has a population one-tenth as big as India’s, overtook India this year, according to Jojo Uligan, executive director of the Contact Center Association of the Philippines.”

“Executives say the growth was not motivated by wage considerations. Filipino call center agents typically earn more than their Indian counterparts ($300 a month, rather than $250, at the entry level), but executives say they are worth the extra cost because American customers find them easier to understand than they do Indian agents, who speak British-style English and use unfamiliar idioms. Indians, for example, might say, “I will revert on the same,” rather than, “I will follow up on that.”

“The Philippines has “a unique combination of Eastern, attentive hospitality and attitude of care and compassion mixed with what I call Americanization”.

Oops I guess that was a rather old article published in 2011 – my bad :o :-[

But it’s still interesting.  :)

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am: Small | Large Small | Large
The problem with many call center agents are that they can mimic the
English language, but they have limitations on their comprehension of what
they hear from the caller client, hence miscommunication at times flustering
both the call center agent and the customer! 

Steve & Myrlita:
Yes I see it everyday. The problem is Filipinos think in their dialect and then convert it to English whereas they need to learn to think in English. If they can accomplish this, their comprehension skills would increase 100 fold.

I was just on the phone the other day changing mine and my sons phone service from AT&T to StraightTalk. The woman I spoke to was in Cebu and it was about 3:30am there.

She did pretty good up until the time she tried spelling New Smyrna Beach....she said " in in in Alpha" ...and so on!

Yesterday I was on with a guy in Miami, but he sounded very foreign and was a little difficult to understand! Cuban-Latino-"Engritch"? hahaha


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