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Author Topic: Cost of living in the philippines  (Read 13490 times)

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Re: Cost of living in the philippines
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Here\'s a ball park figure of what our cost of living here is in Sta Rosa, Laguna.

We\'ve lived in Sta. Rosa, Laguna since 2001 and own our own home which is just a small 2 bedrm, 2 ba with 2 car garage, laundry rm and extra bonus room serves as our tv room.
It\'s just my wife and I living in our home. We have a live-out maid who comes to clean only 3 times a week.

Here\'s our monthly average expenses in pesos:

36,000.00 Groceries, includes weekly lunch, household cleaning stuff and toiletries
10,000.00 Prescription medications (we have TRICARE military health coverage with no monthly premiums) 75% reimbursement on all medical cost, but have to pay up front cash first.
 6,500.00 Electricity 1 HP A/C on 24/7 higher during the summer months (Mar - Jun)
 3,000.00 Housekeeper
 2,000.00 Gas for my car, use 3 x a week
 1,606.25 PLDT landline/DSL 1mbps
    800.00 Wife\'s Globe post paid for her iPhone
    500.00 My Smart prepaid card
    500.00 Local water bill
    450.00 Royal Cable TV (digitized signal)
P59,356.25 Total average monthly espenses = $1,413.24 @PhP42 rate

I didn\'t include cost of apartmentt or home rental, HOA dues, property tax, intertainment, eating out, annual auto registration, home/auto insurance, school tuition fees, because all those type of things will vary from person to person.

other average costs not included above
13,000.00 Annual HOA dues
  9,000.00 Annual property tax
10,000.00 Annual home/auto ins and auto registration
15,000.00 college tuition fees per semester
???????? entertainment, vacations etc
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