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I have a question for those on here about plans when the time comes....

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First, I mean no disrespect to our member who just lost her husband, so I hope this doesn't bother her.  I'm curious on what the plans are for those on here when their time comes.

I didn't have any plans when I moved here.  None at all and was blind sided by that question by Tina a few months back.  Truth is I never in my life thought about it.  Just figured I'd be cremated and have my ashes thrown to the waves either of Lake Michigan or the Pacific. 

Now Tina and I are in the process of buying 4 "plots" at the new cemetery here in Catarman.  These are not grave plots, but plots to build the "New Orleans" style family sites with above ground setups.  We are buying 4 with 2 for her an my family and our following generations for how ever long they plan to use it and then we'll give the other two lots to her family to build their own place and do as they wish with it.  We saw one of the styles we want there and liked the whole "room" inside where family can go visit it in any weather and stay dry inside.  Granted, the style we saw had two coffins for the whole "showing" pre burial, then later the surface under the coffins is moved back and the body is removed from the coffin and dropped down. 

First I ever seen of these honestly.  All my family, except my mother, were, are to be buried.  So always went to the "hole in the ground" to see the coffin lowered.

Sorry if too graphic for some in my description, no sickness intended.  But when I read a response to that thread, it got me thinking of how many others here may have not planned yet for what's going to happen to them/their family when that time comes pertaining to their body. 

I actually planned the whole financial side of things, but never thought, for some crazy reason that I can't fathom, to plan what happens to my body.  For all I cared, and borrowing from a friends idea, just cremate me, put my ashes in a coconut shell with fireworks, and make me bright as the stars to send me out.  Now I have a plan.(Actually, Tina has a plan, I'm just going along with it, it was better than what I had)

Won't be my problem when the time comes. Couldn't care less if they feed me to the fish. Cremation and the garbage bag would be my preferred option - maybe I'll make plans for that.  :D

I already told my wife, have me cremated and spread my ashes in the ocean, so she can come visit me at oceans edge wherever in the world she happens to be.

I've always told my wife, go ahead and have me cremated and don't bother to pick up the ashes.

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
Wow billmc, it has been awhile since your last post! I guess you've been busy with work and what the "human rat race" in the U.S. has to offer. So, how many more years before you retire? You ever build that house yet on the lot you both bought? Does your wife still have second thoughts about retiring in the Philippines? My wife and I have been retired here in NCR of Luzon going on 18 yrs and still loving it here!
Anyways, welcome back and hope you post more often.
Oh about the OP, it's cremation for me too! I told my wife if she ever has thoughts about flushing my ashes down the toilet, I will come back to haunt to her!  ::) ??? :o ;)   


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