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Very important!!!!  Any idea where I can watch the superbowl?  Free beer and chicken wings would be a bonus :)

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
I haven't yet to watch a "live" Superbowl game since we moved here 16 yrs ago!
Didn't really look or asked around! ??? :o ;)
BTW, anyone can download the previous years of Superbowl games here or any sports for that matter:

as far as watching it live, the only thing I can offer is also needing you to have a good internet connection, probably about 5mbs should do it, but even if slower, will work, but not the best quality.
go to or and you will find multiple links on both to major sports for each event.  As a graduate from Michigan State University, I have not had any problems finding every MSU football and basketball game on these sites.   Usually I can find 4+ links that work. 
If you want to watch on tv, the way I do it is have my hdmi cord connected between my tv and computer and just watch it that way.  I'm sure there are other ways, but that's the way I go.
As far as last year's superbowl, try this site and download it.

That should allow you to again, rewatch it on the laptop/pc and if you can, just hook it to a tv and watch it that way.

Hope this helps. 
p.s. the wiziwig site only allows connections and offers links an hour before the event.  They never steered me wrong yet but the won't tell you much until you hit that one hour before point. 

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
BTW, the Super Bowl will be on the Fox channel:
You may be able to watch it on your Firefox browser with the add-on extension, "Media Hint" allowing you to watch U.S. TV shows here from the Philippines without being blocked or you will need a good proxy server on any browser to mask your overseas IP address to show a U.S. IP address instead. 
Give it a try and let us know if it works for you or anyone else on here! 

I just tried my Firefox browser with the add-on extension, "Media Hint" and it works with, but was being blocked on Google Chrome or IE9 without a proxy server! 

I think, and I repeat, I only think, of which I will find out more eventually, that if you have SkyCable, you can get it as an add on.  On the channel for ASN which is showing an add-on cost of 350 a month for SD and 400 a month for HD.  If you like NBA, they also have a package deal for a few channels including the NBA stuff and ASN for 550 a month.  It is on the ASN schedule for 7:00am HKT pregame and 7:30am HKT kickoff on Monday morning.  Next Monday of course.  The 3rd.

And a bunch of sports bars around Metro Manila will be having it along with breakfast.  I would guess that you guys south of here should be able to locate a sports bar with it also if you don't have SkyCable and rather not watch on the internet.


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