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Anyone here getting paid in Euro's (like myself) have my sympathies. 62PHP to the euro five months ago - 46 a few days ago. Thankfully it is rising again now to 49 today. The Euro has fallen to a ten year low against the dollar because of the Greek antics and lack of a cohesive policy by the EU commissions. Anyone with dollars who is thinking of travelling to Europe should grab the exchange rate now.

I thought I heard that the EU put Greece for sale on ebay. 


--- Quote from: JoeLP on March 25, 2015, 11:26:42 AM ---I thought I heard that the EU put Greece for sale on ebay.

--- End quote ---

Oh now that's funny  :D

As far as where does the Euro go from here? I never like to make any predictions because things will always go opposite to what I say. but I've even read that it could go to par with the Dollar and even below that. So who knows?

Just my opinion but because of the unpredictability of the exchange rates both Euro and Dollar to PHP, it would be wise to not live at the tight edge of any fixed income. Best to keep some margin to allow for fluctuation in the exchange rate. ( general statement not directed toward anyone)

Yea if one wanted to travel to Europe now would be the time to do it.

Yeah. Similar thing with the Aussie dollar. Was up to 43 pesos and recently down to 33. Creeping back up to 35 but guessing from all the economic talk is liable to slip further.
Makes what would be an easy, comfortable life into just a comfortable one for us. But could make it darned difficult for those relying on the pension with no other income. Still cheaper than back home even with this 25% drop.


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