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My wife sent money to her mom by Western union for any amount up to $800.00 it will cost you $10.00. You can send it $ to $ or $ to Peso. The exchange rate was P40.1582 for $1.00 they get the money in about 5 min.

Are western union doing a promo just now ?
The fee seems quite cheaper than before ,.....but as usual the exchange is usually down a few pesos.
Never had a problem with them so far ,..and as you say,.. the family can pick it up within a couple of minutes.

I don' see anything on the receipt that say promo. I guess this is their normal transaction fee.

Think I saw it on links with other sites. Western Union fees are not as expensive over the last few months. I have an account and can look back over the years . More competition for them in the market now.

Competition could be a reason for lower fee??? i wont use western union ever after i spend over 20.00 to send 350.00 about 6 years ago would consider if it went to 5.00 for up to $1.000   :D ....Dave


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