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Gray Wolf:
Here's our travel agent's email and contact info.  If any of you decide to give her a try, be sure to tell her that her Kuya Jack Bishop and Ate Glo in Louisville referred you.   ;) :)

Travel Consultant
Sky Bird Travel and Tours
24701 Swanson Road
Southfield,  MI  48033
Tel. No. (248) 727-1660 ext. 2254
             (888) 759-2473 ext. 2254

What's the discount if we use you for referral, hehehehe

John Edwards:
Probably cost us more :D

Gray Wolf:

--- Quote from: medic3500 on February 24, 2013, 10:13:00 PM ---What's the discount if we use you for referral, hehehehe

--- End quote ---

If you mention our names up front and say we referred you, you'll get a "special" price.   :)   I'd say somewhere in the neighborhood of $300 less than the prices shown on Expedia for the same flight, depending on which airline you choose and the date of your flight.  Seriously.   :)

I use Expedia to compare prices because they list all airlines and you can compare pricing, flight time, layovers, etc.  After determining which airline and flight time I'd like to shoot for, I then call May and check on their "specials".  One year we got talked out of flying Northwestern and into flying Korean Air instead.  That was the cleanest airplane I've ever flown on!  The service was great, food was great, we had interactive screens for each passenger allowing us to choose what movie we watched and when we watched them (no big screens at bad angles showing "chick flicks").  Plus she saved us about $500 each ticket versus flying with Northwest (2006).  Our trip in 2011 we saved over $300 for each ticket, totaling almost $1000 in savings overall for 3 tickets.

It's worth a phone call or email just to compare prices.  No guarantees, but better than advertised prices.

gray Wolf I used philippine airlines before and they are high and don't give you anything but what they have to give on the flight for example Fly from Atlanta Ga to manila with one stop over in sanfrancisco costs was 2400 us dollars  round trip----- Korean Airlines  1200 us dollars round trip and fly to south Korea one stop then to manila and guess what I freakin love them if you get hungry or thirsty no problem no charge at allll just get up ask anything even all you can drink beers or whiskey what ever they have so nice to fly with them...or food its free..sorry just had to Bragg on them,


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