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20 ft shipping container Australia to Manila

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Here is a quote from a Company in Manila to move our belongings.
Dear Sir,

Please see below rate for 20'ft

Mode of Service : Door to Door
1x20'ft Container

A.) Origin Charge to Manila Port
Australian Origin Charges
Professional Packing at Residence, Loading and Delivery to Port -          USD    4,844.73
Australian Terminal Charges                                                   -          USD       647.62
Management / Agency Fee / Customs per Bill of Lading                        USD       193.13

Seafreight and Surcharges                                                                                                                         
Seafreight & Surcharges                                                                    USD       700.00
Shipping Line Doc Fee per Bill of Lading                                               USD         73.33 

Total Origin Charges to Manila Port                                                    USD     6,458.81 @ 47.15 = Php 304,532.89

B.) Local Charges Manila Port to La union

     a.)   Releasing in Manila - PHP 65,000.00 - Exclusive of duties and taxes, receipted charges and shipping charges.
         (This includes Processing, Handling, Docs & stamps Brokerage fees, arrastre/wharfage and Stripping Charges, Examination fee and DOF Processing)

     b.)   Delivery Charges    : Php 65,000.00/40’ft La Union (new rate as per ACTO and CTAP trucker’s fee)
     c.)   Shipping Charges   : Php 35,000.00/40’ft (due to additional charge of ECRS, CIC and IPCS)
     d.)   Demurrage Fee            : if any /billed at cost (7 days free time only from the date of arrival)
     e.)   Storage Fee       : if any/Billed at cost (5 days free from time of arrival at the port)
     f.)    Duty and Taxes    : at cost (depends on the DOF if they will grant your application for Duty and Tax Free)

ECRS    : Emergency Congestion Recovery Surcharge
CIC            : Container Imbalance Charge
IPCS            : Import Port Congestion Surcharge

Total Origin Charges and Manila Charge to Door = Php 469,532.89/20'ft

Please note that Demurrage, Storage charges and Duty and Taxes is excluded on our rate it may incur this charges as per note above.

Note: All Items must be declared. And cargo such as Electronics, Jewelries, and others that value is above 10,000.00 is subject to additional duty and taxes. Gun’s is prohibited.

Terms of Payment    : Full payment 2 days prior on vessel arrival.

Let me know if you have any other concerns and questions.

I am sure that would not be the end of the costs no matter what company we use and further to this is the problem with duties, no one can seem to answer my question on the US $7k exempt import duty, I have tried and will continue to chase an answer from customs and DOF, no one at this stage can help, it would appear that we are at the mercy of the customs valuer.
It is ludicrous to think one would move their household contents/belongings and only being allowed US $7k duty free.

A thought occurred, maybe I could lobby PRA into reviewing this, now theres something to get my teeth into, will keep updating as time goes on.

Maybe the moderators would like me to start a new thread on this?

Cheers, Steve


--- Quote from: bigpearl on March 09, 2016, 04:23:28 AM ---Maybe the moderators would like me to start a new thread on this?

Cheers, Steve

--- End quote ---
Thanks Steve for your thoughtfulness posting this and considering it to be a new topic, I split the post and made it a new topic so it will be easier for other readers and members to find, great info, thanks again for posting it.

Hi all, back again.
More costings, Mentioned in another post that it would cost us about AU $12K to move with a 20 ft shipping container, that was a guesstimate based on this. A reputable company in Australia,,,,,, looks good until you get to Manila,,,,,,,as follows:

Purchase a 20 ft in service container    AU $2.5K
Delivered to my address, left here for 1 to 2 months for us to pack/inventory etc. (with then gives us time to sell the property) then ship.
Pick up container/Brisbane/Sydney/Singapore/Manila, register with Australian customs, container parking slot fee, Australian export/entry terminal security, Brisbane port charges, fuel levies etc.     Au $ 6.2K

Looking good so far,,,,but,,,, This company will not deal with the off loading in Manila, they have learnt from bitter experience that it is too hard, (more fun in the Philippines) I apparently need to deal with a local broker and have available plenty of brown paper bags, this I don't doubt from my time both working and living there.
So I look at the cost of the Manila company,,,,,PHP 165 K about AU $ 5K
OZ and PI companys,,,,, AU $ 11.2 K
PI company, a tad under AU $ 15 K

We don't mind spending that sort of money to move as we could not replace a quarter of our belongings for that sort of cost.
PI duties and taxes, no one seems to be able to help, still working on that.

Cheers, Steve.

Looks like the bulk of the expense is not the shipping but the "professional packing". I wonder if you could arrange for them to drop off the container at your residence and you hire your own packers at a lesser price or pack it yourself, even if you have to sign a damage waiver. Couldn't be that difficult.

Edit: I posted before I saw your updated info. I think you would be better off purchasing the container and packing yourself. You could always sell the container in the PI. I have seen homes made out of these.

The local broker can give you a costing on the local duty and tax,

The Vat tax is 12% of the total cost of goods with shipping expense and duty added in. Most likely it will be 5% of declared value of goods do not under declare as they will confiscate your goods

Welcome to the Jungle


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