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Author Topic: Mobil Home thoughts......  (Read 11031 times)


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Mobil Home thoughts......
« on: August 29, 2011, 01:51:57 PM »
I’m considering returning to the Phil to live at least 6 months of the year and have been investigating the possibilities [and horrors] of land ownership… easy to loose your investment and efforts. I have leased here before, but only with trusted friends and I was lucky it worked out, but at the end of the term, my investments and improvements returned to the owner. Research on other forums mention potiential horrors even with leasing, as you are at the mercy of the land lord. Renting has it\'s drawbacks as well as expenses.

I now am considering another approach to renting or owning a house and land…….A mobile home!! You could use a truck chassis or retrofit an old passenger bus into a comfortable camper and move it where and when you want. I have many friends in the north along beaches and up in the mountains that would gladly allow me to park for a while [or maybe longer] and could change my scene easily. On the beach for a few weeks or the mountains to chill out or a peaceful rice field. Could even find a place to park in Angeles city or Subic for a week of fun.

Advantages and considerations…..

With all the compact [and mobil] electronic devises you could have mobil internet, tv, etc. and stay connected and entertained.

Construction of the ‘shell’ and interior could be done quite cheaply by local welders, which are mostly cheap and do good work.

It could easily be constructed so it would be more secure than a standard house using motion detectors and security cams and alarms.

If built on a truck chassis, it could be parked on jacks and truck could be used as vehicle.

Auxilliary backup power could be by generator, battery bank, solar, and an inverter to 220v as it is done in mobil homes in the US.

A small motorcycle could be carried along for local trips to save moving your rig and fuel savings for short trips.

With the many ferries going between islands, you could explore the many southern islands.

Investment saved by not paying rent or for house and lot and investment could be recovered by selling when you want.

I have had this fantasy for years here in Asia, but have never acted on it but am now reconsidering it as an alternative to buying or renting. I think that a comfortable rig could be assembled for under 1mil pesos with cheap labor and Filipino creativity. Maybe I’m missing something, so I’m putting this out there for feedback and possible negative aspects that I am overlooking…….like legalities??

Has anyone seen a mobil home here?? I haven’t.

Your comments welcome…..both negative and positive


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Re: Mobil Home thoughts......
« Reply #1 on: August 29, 2011, 11:48:01 PM »

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Re: Mobil Home thoughts......
« Reply #2 on: August 30, 2011, 12:06:35 PM »
I think its a great idea Xpatjack!
What I would say is go crazy on planning and research before you start.. One of the problems that you will encounter is the extreme heat you will get inside a metal box or container here.. I think your metal roof will need to be insulated with something like 6 inches of perlite..Another idea would be to design some type of temporary roof to provide shade for the vehicle.. Perhaps a snap on A frame and a good fitting tarpaulin that can easily be packed away when you move to pastures new..
Another option is to scout the areas that you would want to park up in... Most of the R.P has thousands of hectares of land just sitting there going fallow.. Try to speak to the owners to get extremely cheap rent for you vehicle while you stay there..Look for areas shaded by large trees ect to park under..
Just throwing out ideas here..
What about buying a slightly older registered bus and have it converted.. Our kids school bus looks like it might be the perfect size for your project..Pretty sure its a Japanese model so would have thought that the roof may have some degree of insulation..
If you have friends that are land/home owners,you may be able to persuade them to help you have a sub electric meter close to your bus so you can plug the thing in and pay your bill before you leave..
4 or 5 locations like that and you have cracked it!!
Go for it!!


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Re: Mobil Home thoughts......
« Reply #3 on: September 10, 2011, 07:23:20 AM »
Don\'t worry about space where to  park it. Most of your friends and
relatives there who have space will let you rent in their space. Have company and income at the same time.
What an excellent  idea. I always think about mobile home from US but the trauma and cost of shipping
plus custom duties can drive you crazy and broke.
Now you gave me and idea. There is an older air con passenger bus that i saw close
to where I live and I will check it out. Excellent way to go camping and travel too.
Please post what you got.
Best regards to all,