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Universal Health Care Bill Into Law


MANILA, Philippines -  President Aquino signed on Wednesday a law granting health insurance for Filipinos funded through proceeds from sin taxes.

Bacolod City Rep. Anthony Golez, one of the principal authors, said yesterday Republic Act 10606, the Universal Health Care Act, will ensure that all Filipinos, especially the poorest of the poor, will get health insurance coverage from the Philippine Health Insurance Corp. (PhilHealth).

“I firmly believe in the benefits that this law will bring to Filipinos and in achieving universal health care for Filipinos,” he said.

“I am glad that President Noynoy finally signed it into law, and I am mighty glad and proud to have been part of the legislative process in crafting one of the more important pieces of legislation at this point in time in our country’s history.”

The law is a consolidation of over 50 bills from the House of Representatives and the Senate to amend RA 7875 of 1995 creating the PhilHealth, Golez said.

It mandates a national health insurance program (NHIP) as the means for the healthy to help pay for the care of the sick and for those who can afford medical care to subsidize those who cannot.

It shall be compulsory in all provinces, cities and municipalities, notwithstanding the existing health insurance programs of local government units.

Now the big question. How to keep the corrupt greedy hands out of the pot so that there will be funds available for use.


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