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It finally happened.....


Yep, it is a digital world...

I finally had a virtual birthday today....and of course they celebrated it in the Philippines for me since I\'m here in the  I promised I would be there for the next one... ;D

My family is so much fun there...any reason to have a party.

Gray Wolf:
Hahahahahaha!   :D :D :D  It looks like they were having a good time, even though you aren\'t there!  ;D
I see the obligatory pancit as well as fried chicken and I think I can make out pakbet and maybe caldereta.  Oh, and who could miss the large mountain of rice.   ;D ;D
It\'s easy to see they miss you and love you a lot, Greg.  Next year make sure that you\'re there and share those pics with us.     :)

Hopefully I will be there for next year\'s party (mom-in-law was pretty sad because I\'m here alone).  The really sad part I missed was sitting at the store later drinking Grande\'s and eating the left overs with some of the locals.  That always gets interesting.  Oh, and knowing they had my favorite cake...Ube!  8)

Happy Bday....looks like it a was a festive event even w/o you there in person!    Did you beam in via Skype or something?   

Thanks for the greetings.

You got may cause some people problems, but its my family\'s best friend for keeping in

Just wish I would have been able to partake in the festivities.  Next year I\'m really going to try to be there.




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