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Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
Gray Wolf never said that and I'm sure he'll explain it to you!
Since I was just the messenger, I already had my say of MHOs
and POVs whether anyone agreed or not! It was just to inform
and not my intention to discourage anyone from posting whatever
any member wants to post on here! So, keep your posts coming!

Gray Wolf:
I think we are all in agreement now.  Post on!   :)

I have learned instead of whining about a post if I don't like/care for it, just ignore it. :o


How could they file a suit against the poster?

The forum does not have our addresses and I use a non descriptive email.

Just curious.

My neighbor is a government employee and her stories are better than comedy TV.

Recently, local counselors spent weeks filing lawsuits against each other, gathering affidavits from employees and foregoing important business because someone thought they heard a person call the speaker "stupid" during a government session.


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