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Gray Wolf:

--- Quote from: PalawanAussie on May 16, 2013, 02:59:13 PM ---Hahaha .. what a load of crock .. old-fart moans and groans .. hahaha .. come on guys! :-D I have the feeling numbers of folk are mainly hanging around for the occasional useful posts, those with valuable and useful information, great posts, on top of the basic stuff about living in the Phils like entry visas etc. It's for certain people here have great stuff to contribute, stuff we can learn from, rather than just complaints and moans about other posts. Hahaha! Come on guys, how about lots more USEFUL posts .. written from your unique, interesting and valuable individual experiences. We all have experiences we can all learn lots from. C'mon guys, no offence, please TEACH us useful stuff .. isn't that why we are here? :-D

With genuine respect,
and friendship, cheers!

--- End quote ---

Which is why I question reporting anything to the NY Times, one of the worst newspapers in the world.  I agree with Rob.  They'll probably report all "useful" info the IRS.  No thanks!

Moans and groans?  No way!  Just being sensible, especially in light of the ongoing controversies with the lying, cheating administration we are faced with in the US.

Now, let's ALL get back on topic!   ;)    :)


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