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Hi Dan

I'm not there yet, but busy preparing, technically I do not work 100% of the time on the internet, I use some specialist programs, and then it's what's in my head that people pay for and my experience.

So what I am doing over the next 18 months or so, is literally relocating my business into the "cloud" everything available on line, and even phone numbers and contact addresses being taken across to online access. With Skype now being so good, and with online filing so cheap this is getting easier and easier. I still have some challenges in that our bureaucracy here in the UK is still not even on email, let alone fully online (they do have internet gateways), so I need a UK address which will scan and send on written communication to me. But that will pass soon enough.

My current plan is to relocate with an income of circa $40k comfortably available to me for working effectively still with my UK customers, and in many ways actually offering them a better service than now. I have broached this and most are very happy with this. With my savings and a reasonable lump sum as well as some investments I should do OK.

And then as I am sure that I will get bored there's a novel or two which might get written, a blog I have always wanted to write, alongside staying fit and eating healthy, growing some fruit and veg, learning some new skills, maybe even taking up fishing.

And in my "spare time" I have some charity ideas I want to get off the ground as well.

Should be a peaceful retirement :)

I don't need to make money because we have three UK pension between us. I took early retirement in 1990 and since then I have never had time to get bored. I have too many ideas and project that I just can't get around to. One consolation, I suppose, is that if anyone does get bored it won't be for long because they will soon find themselves at rest six feet under ;D

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
I would say so Colin with your mansion in Palawan! It makes a statement with the locals and your wife's relatives huh! Anymore Xmas parties at your house this coming Xmas?
Yeah, I enjoy looking at all of you gallery photos on your Flicker website! Anymore new ones recently?
I too took an early retirement, at age 49 in 1997, but it took me 11 to 12 years of waiting before all of my other U.S. Government pensions kicked in, but I didn't need to work to supplement my income between those 12 yrs of waiting!
Hate working for other people, that's the main reason I retired early and due to my nagging chronic lower back ache! Life is good now! "It's always a matter of money", either one has it or they don't! Some people have to work all their lives and can never retire, until they are 6ft under! So, we are truly the fortunate ones eh!   


--- Quote from: Art2ro on February 14, 2013, 02:40:24 PM ---I would say so Colin with your mansion in Palawan! It makes a statement with the locals and your wife's relatives huh! Anymore Xmas parties at your house this coming Xmas?
Yeah, I enjoy looking at all of you gallery photos on your Flicker website! Anymore new ones recently?

--- End quote ---

I would not describe my place as a mansion, just a little larger than average. Bing and I do bump into each other occasionally so we feel it could have been made a little bigger :D We try not to make a statement with the locals, the house is at the back of the lot, over 60 metres from the road and we have plain dark brown sheet metal gates that hides us from view. We have stopped having family parties here, there is just too many of them now and there were some problems at my last birthday party.

I haven't looked at my Flickr posts for a long time now. I was a little annoyed that when my pro account expired they would not let me see all the photos I had posted. The last 2-3 years I have just been recording the house build and have not taken many serious photos. My eldest daughter will visiting us soon so maybe then I will take more photos.  I am digging in deeper to Sketchup at the moment, an amazing and versatile programme and it is free! Just too many things to do ;) :)

Big Jim:

--- Quote from: medic3500 on February 13, 2013, 11:53:25 AM ---Is anyone that is living here in the Philippines supplementing their incomes with internet type business or work? I'm not looking to make tons of money just some extra spending money and since I do spend quite a bit of time on the internet why not make some cash doing it. I have found since my arrival here, retirement is great but sitting around the house all day is getting old. The GF is a school teacher and is gone during the day so I don't have much to do. Please feel free to post or message me offline if you have ideals or are involved with what I'm looking for.

Thanks Dan

--- End quote ---

I am not making money on the internet. Well, the website has advertising which pays for the hosting but I can't live off it. But
Here are some ideas to keep you busy
Attend all expat functions
Your expat friends and Filipino friends will be having birthdays, weddings, graduation parties, fiesta parties and other celebrations. If you have a large enough group of friends, you will have more invites than you have time for. In Cebu City, there is also Ten Pin Bowling on Wednesdays and Running/walking with the Cebu Hash House Harriers on Saturdays. There are also occasional boat trips.
Become a member of a number of groups discussing life in the Philippines. If you let it, answering questions will take several hours out of your daily life, every day! You can start a website with videos and pictures. You can start a blog. These will take more of your time to keep updated. You could also write an e-book about your experiences.
The Philippines has
- Island hopping
- whale and dolphin watching
- diving
- snorkelling
- historical sites
- white sandy beaches
- hot springs
- cold springs
- waterfalls
- volcanoes
- adventure tours
- tarsier sanctuaries
- butterfly sanctuaries
- crocodile sanctuaries
- wildlife sanctuaries
- marine sanctuaries
It also has
- locals living as their ancestors have done for hundreds of years in places such as Malapascua Island
- Faith healers on Siquijor
- Chocolate hills, lunch cruises on the Loboc River and swimming underground in the Hinagdanan cave on Bohol
- An underground river on Palawan
- Hanging coffins in Sagada
- Ancient rice terraces in Banaue
- White water rafting near Cagayan de Oro
- Swimming with whale sharks near Donsol in Southern Luzon and Oslob in Southern Cebu
- Surfing from Siargo Island
- Tours of historical war sites such a Corriegidor Island
Get active
- Go swimming, ice skating, fishing, sailing, windsurfing. cycling, walking, running. hiking or camping
- Play pool, tennis, badminton, basketball, ten pin bowling, golf, etc
- Have a picnic
- Go touring on a motorbike
- Buy a boat and do it up or build a boat
- Get involved with building projects
- Help set up a small business so they can support themselves
Own business
- Treat it as a hobby and if it makes money, that is a bonus
Help out
- Meet and greet newbies and show them the ropes
- Volunteer
- Go to a disco
- Go to a bikini bar
- Go to an expat bar
- Visit your friends
- Visit your family
- Attend a cock fight at your local cock fighting centre
- Play poker
- Go to a Casino
Otherwise, I enjoy reading a good book, socialising with friends every day, watching movies at the cinema, especially the Imax Theatre in SM Mall in Cebu City and eating out often.
Here is something simple we are doing right now that you could try
From our front porch, we sell
- Ice
- Ice water
- Ice candy
- Juice (tang mixed with water)
- Rice
- Barbecue at night

My retirement plan
I don't mean as in  I will need it to make a profit or I will be stuffed. I mean as an income supplement. If it makes money, good. If it doesn't make money, it doesn't matter. Just so long as it is not losing money. 
Have my own home which we live in. Attach to the home
- Rooms for boarders
- Sari sari store
- Carenderia
- Small internet café.


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