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New Section 13 visa requirements ~ 2008

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Besides asking for a 5000p payment with no receipt, there are no questions... I told him that for 5k I wanted a receipt, for 2k I did not care for a receipt... this payment was for a waver for a non existant seminar that I would have to attend. This seminar is not listed on the national BI requirement and payment list. I did not payed 2000 for the temp card and refused the 5k for the permanent card.  My papers took an extra month to process... hmmm

in CDO on Mindanao they want 45k and Butuan 40K for handling the 1st year temp card and again the same for the permanent card. As I was coming from Gingoog City (north central Mindanao) the ferry was only 2200 and I stop over at my place in Bohol.  Other than the Lawyers fee to wave the seminar the other fees are right as posted on the BI Website...

Due to do out at the end of June, anyone used the new online visa yet or are they still accepting currency at the airports?


Linda and Tom


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