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Taking english pounds over to Phils and where to change for the best rate

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Chuck, I really don't want to labour this point but....  OP said in his original post that he will spend December in Philippines.  To me that means he needs money to cover expenses for a month.  If he is to avoid ATM's and only use cash, that is a lot of cash to arrive with and carry around, especially as he is arriving at 2am and taking a supposedly dangerous taxi ride through an alleged war zone, to his cheapo hotel in a dodgy location!!
I am also 69 years of age and have travelled, lived and worked overseas my entire adult life.  I have also been pretty fortunate and only had cash stolen a couple of times.  Luckily it was never a lot, because I avoid carrying large amounts of cash around for that very reason.  Having said that, it doesn't mean it doesn't happen or won't happen to the OP, especially staying a "cheapo" hotel in a dodgy location, with no security or even probably a reception desk.  If he is to avoid carrying all his cash around, where is he safely gonna stash a months worth of cash?  Of course there is a chance of an ATM not working or having run out of cash for a few days, but I don't think that should present a problem so long as he has enough cash for just a few days whilst the banks might be closed.
As I said in my post, my own personal opinion and choice would be to avoid taking the risk of carrying all my cash around even if its distributed in different pockets, and use ATM's.  Each to their own.

I have had to carry a lot of money at times over the past years, I wore a money belt and wore the belt to sleep while in the plane and hotels, thankfully I never got robbed, so while carrying large amounts of cash is usually not advisable while in a poor country, it can be done safely within reason if caution and precautions are taken. 


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